San Diego Business Journal

The U.S. Navy retired the SPAWAR name on June 3.

The Navy information technology command based in Old Town will now be known as Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, or NAVWARSYSCOM, according to a statement from Adm. John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations.

The electronics command is responsible for pumping billions of dollars into the San Diego economy. A 2014 study estimated the amount at $1.77 billion annually.

The name change came three months after its Point Loma research lab changed its name to Naval Information Warfare Center.

“In this era of great power competition, information is a fundamental element of warfare, an essential concept of the Navy’s strategy, and a warfare area that transcends the traditional domains of air, sea, land and space,” said NAVWARSYSCOM Commander Rear Adm. Christian Becker, in a prepared statement.

“Great power competition” refers to the U.S. military placing more of an emphasis on struggles against peer adversaries, such as Russia or China.

“This name change underscores the importance of information warfare in providing our fleet with an unfair advantage in today’s complex and increasingly competitive security environment,” Becker said.

Though the reference to space has been removed from the command’s name, Becker said the command would take in naval warfare “from seabed to space.”

SPAWAR was not the command’s original name. That name succeeded Naval Electronic Systems Command.