San Diego Business Journal

Carlsmed and Precisive Surgical are merging to develop personalized devices for spine surgery.

Precisive Surgical is based in Seattle. Carlsmed — as its name indicates — is headquartered in Carlsbad. Deal terms weren’t disclosed.

Their platform looks to combine 3-D printing, high-definition imaging, machine learning and data collection to optimize implant dimensions, trajectories for spinal cages and instruments.

“Today’s imaging for severe spinal deformities is primarily used for diagnostic purposes only,” said Carlsmed CEO Mike Cordonnier in a statement. “The proprietary platform we are developing enables surgeons to use this information directly for surgical intervention.”

The companies say they hope to lower surgery costs, produce better patient outcomes, shorten recovery times and lessen pain.

Carlsmed is a portfolio company of EvoNexus, a San Diego incubator.