6920 Carroll Road
Photo courtesy of CoStar

6920 Carroll Road Photo courtesy of CoStar

Irvine Co. Office Properties has leased a 38,000 square foot building in Sorrento Mesa to PCI Pharma Services.

The building at 6920 Carroll Road is one of 11 buildings in the Canyon Ridge Technology Park.

Details on the lease were not disclosed.

The two-story building will be used as PCI’s main storage, logistics and distribution center on he West Coast.

PCI acquired Sherpa Clinical Packaging in 2018, which expanding PCI’s U.S. operations to the West Coast.

“Cutting-edge companies like PCI Pharma are a great addition to the diverse lineup at Canyon Ridge Technology Park,” said John Turner, reginal vice president of Irvine Co. Office Properties.

“We are always looking to provide today’s leading companies dynamic space to foster innovation and growth,” Turner said.

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