San Diego Business Journal

GroGuru, a San Diego startup building sensors for crops, named EvoNexus CEO Rory Moore to its board on July 1.

An EvoNexus portfolio company, GroGuru was founded in 2014 by former Qualcomm engineer Farooq Anjum. It is developing wireless sensors that can be buried underground to track soil salinity and moisture, to prevent crops from being overfertilized or overwatered. The company’s early investor and advisor, Patrick Henry, became CEO of the company last year.

Now, Moore, who leads local tech incubator EvoNexus, will join the company’s board. He took an interest in the company as it is well within his area of expertise. Moore co-founded two semiconductor companies, Peregrine Semiconductor and Silicon Wave, and grew up in a farming family. This is the first time Moore has joined a company’s board while it is still incubating at EvoNexus.

“GroGuru is an exceptional start-up; (with an) experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineering excellence, wireless knowledge and agriculture industry insight,” Moore said in a news release. "The company has identified a critical need of growers around the globe; real-time crop irrigation management and analytics. Their approach is both scalable and builds a platform to enable additional soil analysis beyond irrigation. I am looking forward as a director of GroGuru to help them build an important new AgTech company.”