San Diego Business Journal

Douglas Colbeth is best known as the founder of Spyglass Inc., a startup that created the software engine behind Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer.

Having survived the “browser wars” firsthand, Colbeth and his wife, Margaret, used the funds from past entrepreneurial ventures to found the Colbeth Clinic for Children & Adolescents to provide mental health resources to teenagers in Chicago.

Now, the Colbeths are starting a new company in Carlsbad: MedCircle, a video-streaming service that features mental health information from credentialed doctors.

Doug Colbeth had the idea after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But he found difficulty in navigating misdiagnoses and getting timely access to care. He realized if he was having a hard time getting the care he needed, no doubt others were, too.

He hopes the service will help replace the “search, pay and pray” model of accessing mental health services.

“Our mission is certainly ambitious, but very straightforward. First and foremost, we want to help hundreds of millions reach their optimal mental health. Secondly, we want to help people save significant costs which are currently being wasted on ineffective treatment,” Doug Colbeth said in a news release. “We are empowering people with knowledge so they can take control of their own (or someone’s they support) mental healthcare.”

A limited number of videos are available through MedCircle for free. The company also offers a premium membership for $19.95 that gives users access to its entire video series library.