San Diego Business Journal

Daniella and Gabriel, along with fellow volunteers for San Diego-based Build a Miracle, were in Tijuana recently to lay the foundation for a new home for a family in need. Build a Miracle is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to build homes for needy families in Tijuana. Fourteen-year-old Daniella, a Cathedral Catholic High School freshman, is building her third home. Her 12-year-old brother, Notre Dame Academy student, Gabriel is working on his second home. Each child raised an additional $16,000, adding to their previous fundraising, to provide a family in need with a fully furnished home with running water, electricity, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and real roofs. Chris and Julianne North started Build a Miracle in 1999. It has built more than 330 homes.

The children hope to raise awareness and inspire other kids to pursue philanthropic efforts to help others.