San Diego Business Journal

A clinic to diagnose, treat and monitor a rare form of breast cancer has launched at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The clinic is dedicated to inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC, which is tough-to-diagnose and spreads quickly. So quickly, in fact, that patients are often diagnosed at stage 3 or 4.

In 2016, Scripps Health and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center announced a partnership to create the Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center. Patient care began last year.

In 2006, Thomas Buchholz, medical director of Scripps MD Anderson and a lead physician at the IBC clinic, co-founded the world’s first IBC clinic in Houston. Scripps says this is the first such clinic in San Diego.

“IBC differs greatly from other forms of breast cancer in a number of ways, so it requires a dedicated approach that focuses on a unique set of challenges,” said Buchholz in a news release.

IBC represents 1 to 5 percent of all breast cancers, according to the National Cancer Institute.