San Diego Business Journal

Petco says it will stop selling pet food and treats containing artificial ingredients starting May 2019. The move makes the San Diego-based company the first major retailer to sell pet food and treats with no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, according to a press release.

“Some may question whether this makes good business sense, but, putting pets’ health first has always been the right thing to do for Petco,” said Petco CEO Ron Coughlin via a press release. “This is both a major step forward for pets and a natural next step on our journey to become a complete partner in total pet wellness. We hope the rest of the pet industry will join us…”

In 2014, Petco stopped selling treats made in China. Starting in January, Petco will remove dog and cat foods and treats with artificial ingredients from store shelves and ecommerce.

The company worked closely with veterinarians, nutritionists and other wellness experts to help set new nutritional standards for it. FD&C No. 3, BHA and BHT are among the ingredients it will eliminate from its products.