Tandem Diabetes Care won U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for an automated insulin technology designed to reduce the frequency and duration of low blood sugar events.

This technology, called Basal-IQ, will be available free of charge on Tandem’s touchscreen insulin pumps via a remote software update. The San Diego company expects to release Basal-IQ by August.

Basal-IQ’s algorithm, which looks 30 minutes into the future at glucose levels, suspends insulin delivery when predicting low blood sugar levels. Insulin delivery resumes once glucose rises.

Tandem pumps are used with Dexcom’s diabetes monitoring products, and Basil IQ looks to integrate with Dexcom’s G6 system, which doesn’t require finger prick blood draws for calibration. Dexcom is also based in San Diego.

Basal-IQ is billed as easy to manage; according to Tandem, the user only decides whether they want the feature on or off.

Tandem, in poor shape a year ago, has made good on a comeback plan, and analysts expect the upward trajectory to continue.