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Andy Laats

Executive Chairman, Nixon Inc.

In 1997 Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna co-founded Encinitas-based Nixon, with a simple idea: make the kind of durable, stylish sports watch they wanted to buy – durable, waterproof, told the time, kept the tide tables and looked great on a dinner date. It was unplumbed ground in a crowded action-sports industry. Laats would later tell a group of CSU San Marcos students that he was most “stoked” about growth – not in terms of products but of ideas and energy at Nixon. He hired celebrity athletes for endorsements yes but also for design ideas and to serve as part open-air product development process. Today Nixon sells not only watches but soft goods, accessories and personal audio tech in more than 70 countries. The company is reportedly valued at $465 million.

ALMA MATER: Cornell, Stanford

TURNING POINT: A knee injury while snowboarding led him to purse a business degree at Stanford.

CAREER ROOTS: He was a mechanical engineer.