— Jen Byard has decided to do something different when she opens her second Communal Coffee location.

She has leased a vacant lot in South Park and plans to park a refurbished 1959 Shasta Airflight trailer on it as the centerpiece of what will become an open-air coffee shop.

The shop is slated to open in March.

“It’s a very different concept,” Byard said. “The trailer itself is kind of a showpiece. It’s vintage, but it looks very modern and new.”

Baristas will serve beverages and treats from inside the trailer to customers, who will be able to lounge at tables and chairs placed strategically around the 2,000 square foot paved lot.

A Seattle native with a background working for nonprofits and the art community, Byard opened her original Communal Coffee in North Park at 2335 University Ave., in 2016 in partnership with a local florist, Native Poppy.

“I wanted to create a space where people can come and enjoy each other,” Byard said.

Because of that partnership, “A lot of people know us by Coffee and Flowers.”

The South Park open air coffee shop will be sans flowers, but it will keep some of the flower-related menu items, such as a lavender honey latte and a rose vanilla late, made with real flowers.

“We make them with organic flowers,” Byard said.

There’s also a toast treat made with honey, goat cheese on French bread, and fresh lavender.

Like the original Communal Coffee, the South Park version will have “a lot of kids and moms events,” Byard said.

“Moms are always looking for stuff to do, free stuff to do with their kids,” said Byard, the mother of three sons, aged 10, 13 and 15.

She’s also planning on having entertainment for adults, including summertime outdoor movie nights.

“I honestly hope it becomes a neighborhood fixture in South Park,” said Byard, who lives in the area.