San Diego Business Journal


Nels Jensen

This is my farewell column as I depart the San Diego Business Journal after 4½ years as Editor-in-Chief. I’ve greatly enjoyed the job and getting to know so many stakeholders in the business community, but the time is right for me to move on. I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I do have a couple of possibilities and I am excited to find my next adventure.

• • •

I am proud of a couple of additions we made to the SDBJ — most prominent, the weekly Startup Page and the introduction of the “SD 500, The Book Of Influential Business Leaders.”

The Startup Page has greatly enhanced our coverage of new companies but also led to more stories about tech companies, venture capital and private equity, and the mergers and acquisition sector. business journals traditionally have taken an approach of waiting until a company achieves a certain scale of growth or success before writing about them; we’ve tried to let readers know more about this budding tech ecosystem as it evolves around them.

When we first discussed adding “The SD 500” to our mix, I wasn’t so sure it would work. 500 seemed like too big of a number of business leaders to profile at one time, more of a phonebook approach than highlighting excellence. But I was a quick convert as I realized how many amazing B2B leaders there are in the community. It’s subjective selection process for sure, and a gargantuan task to complete, but after publishing three SD 500s, I see it as a true bookend people product to our annual Book of Lists, which remains the most robust local company database in the market.

• • •

I admire the courage and dedication of all of you entrepreneurs, whether you are trying to build a disruptive startup or operating a third-generation legacy company. I will miss meeting with business owners and executives, learning about how they have grown their companies and what excites them around the next corner. And I will miss writing this column: The only way to do it right is to be in touch with the market, which means being in the field and on the phone.

Among my wishes are for the business community to coalesce around expanding the convention center, which is far more important to our future than many people realize, and for the Padres to win a World Series. Few things rally a community like a championship run, and San Diego sports fans have paid enough dues on that front.