Two aircraft carriers will continue to call San Diego home following changes announced by the U.S. Navy on Aug. 2.

The USS Carl Vinson will leave North Island for Bremerton, Washington for shipyard work.

The USS Abraham Lincoln, located in Norfolk, Virginia, will soon rejoin the Pacific Fleet, making San Diego its home port.

A Navy spokesman declined to say when the Vinson will leave and the Lincoln will arrive.

San Diego is also home to the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

San Diego’s two aircraft carriers bring 6,400 sailors and officers to the region, and account for $437.6 million in annual direct spending, according to the San Diego Military Advisory Council’s annual economic impact report. SDMAC estimates that with ripple effects, the two carriers are responsible for $1.57 billion in annual economic impact.

SDMAC is a group that brings military, business and political leaders together to discuss issues of mutual interest.