Local test maker Banyan Biomarkers is partnering with bioMerieux, a French giant in biotechnology, to develop a blood test that would identify traumatic brain injury.

Today, traumatic brain injury is usually diagnosed through the use of CT scans.

“CT scans subject the patient to 100 times more ionized radiation than what’s used in a chest X-ray,” said Dr. Jackson Streeter, Banyan’s chief medical officer, in a 2015 interview. “Not only that, but the CT scan gets overused in a hospital setting. An alternative way to test for traumatic brain injury would allow us to identify who really needs neural imaging and who doesn’t.”

Now bioMerieux, a multibillion-dollar global company, is partnering with Banyan to bring the first FDA-approved blood-based, automated test for traumatic brain injury.

As part of the deal, bioMerieux will take an equity participation of about $7 million, according to a news release. The French firm will also gain rights to commercialize Banyan’s tests worldwide for use in in vitro diagnostics.

The partnership will combine Banyan’s biomarkers with bioMerieux’s experience and position in in vitro diagnostics in critical care. The duo will also take advantage of bioMerieux’s global commercial footprint, the companies said in a statement.

For more on Banyan’s blood test for traumatic brain injury, read our 2015 story on Banyan Biomarkers.

Link: http://sdbj.com/news/2015/jul/30/brain-injury-diagnosis-crucial-treatments/