Perry Nisen, the top executive at one of San Diego’s most well-known research institutes, is retiring at the end of September.

Nisen, 62, has been CEO of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) for the past three years. According to an SBP statement, Nisen plans to “focus his time on serving as a director of pharma and biotech companies,” highlighting his passion for bringing medicines to the market through clinical development.

SBP has made a focus of progressing research from the labs to the market. To date, research from SBP has been the basis for the 35 spinout startups, leading to new pharmaceuticals in clinical development and some that have reached the market.

After Nisen’s departure, SBP’s current president, Kristiina Vuori, will step in as interim CEO on Sept. 30. The board plans to attract a permanent CEO, and Nisen will provide consulting services to SBP in the meantime.