California regulators on Wednesday said they issued work stop orders to three San Diego cabinet manufacturers for using saws without proper safety equipment and other infractions.

The California Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health, or Cal/OSHA, said the orders came after a series of inspections on Feb. 17 and Feb. 18 across the state at manufacturers, car repair shops, restaurants and construction sites, industries it said are known to have excessive labor law violations. Cal/OSHA said inspectors visited 75 companies, but only the three San Diego cabinet makers received stop orders for safety hazards. Forty companies were found in violation of various labor laws.

DIR spokeswoman Erika Monterrroza said the state issued a notice about the three companies due to a “confluence of issues” that were concerning.

“The safety hazards constitute an imminent hazard,” she said.

The affected companies were M. Stanton Co. and E&A Cabinets in San Ysidro and Custom Carpentry Solutions in Chula Vista. All three had unguarded saws during the inspection, though M. Stanton and E&A have since fixed its equipment.

E&A and Custom Carpentry were hit with additional stop orders because they lacked workers compensation insurance. All three failed to provide itemized wage statements and had licensing violations, the state said. The companies were also fined, $105,000 for M. Stanton, $21,000 for E&A and $32,000 for Custom Carpentry.

M. Stanton owner Mary Stanton said she wasn’t in her shop during the inspection, so she could not provide inspectors with her records, which she said were in order. She admitted she had not realized that one of her saws had a broken piece, but said she is appealing the fine over the other issues.

E&A did not respond to a request for comment. Custom Carpentry could not be reached.