San Diego Business Journal

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI), a tech-driven genomics company founded and led by pioneering geneticist J. Craig Venter, has raised $220 million in stock offering.

“The closing of our Series B offering was completed with excellent results for HLI, despite especially challenging external financial markets,” said Venter, HLI’s CEO and co-founder. “This is a tribute to the strength of our science, technology and team. We continue to build our business, develop life-changing products and hire world-class scientific, clinical and technical leaders to help us meet our goal of revolutionizing health care.”

HLI is using the proceeds from this round to fund a growing line of products and expansion of the company, according to an HLI statement. Investment will go towards HLI’s Health Nucleus, a genomic-enhanced, research-based health center, along with ongoing development of the HLI knowledge bank, which currently has more than 20,000 complete genomes coupled with phenotype data.

Funds will also go towards the development of HLI’s Comprehensive Cancer Program and other sequencing programs, the statement said.

Investors in the Series B financing include San Diego-based Illumina, Celgene, GE Ventures, and a strong participation from the company’s Series A investors, including investors based in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and China, in addition to the U.S.

The company previously raised $80 million in its Series A offering which closed in summer 2014.