Ezoic has scored a berth as one of the first Google Certified Publishing Partners.

The Carlsbad software business serves small website publishers by figuring out which layout of a website attracts the most viewers. It does so by testing multiple variations of a site to determine which version gets the best response.

Financial terms of the relationship were not disclosed.

Google’s new program is designed to help publishers with a variety of tasks including site monetization, improving user experience (and increasing site traffic), and improving mobile Web and mobile app presence.

Ezoic bills its product as a “unified testing platform” that lets publishers test hundreds of website layouts and ad positions with a single click.

The Carlsbad business works with thousands of websites and says it provides a typical website a revenue increase of 50-300 percent.

Dwayne Lafleur is Ezoic’s CEO.

Google’s parent company recently changed its name to Alphabet Inc. The parent company still retains its Nasdaq ticker symbol of GOOG.