San Diego Business Journal

Cox Communications announced is furthering its efforts to connect youth with technology by doubling the download speed of the company’s discounted Internet service available to low-income families with school-aged children through the Connect2Compete program.

Cox also said that starting next month it will also offer in-home Wi-Fi as part of the monthly service package of $9.95.

The company said it continues to narrow the digital divide by actively promoting the advantages of the discounted service available through the Connect2Compete program throughout its 18-state footprint.

“With faster download speeds, families can readily access richer educational resources online in half the time,” said Sam Attisha, California Public Affairs vice president for Cox. “A fast, reliable Internet connection gives students the ability to access their assignments, conduct thorough research and better collaborate on projects after the school day is over. Parents can also use the connection to better communicate with teachers and stay in the know with their child’s education. It’s a win-win for the whole family.”

According to Cox, the increased speeds will go into effect December 3, benefiting nearly 130,000 people already connected to the program. Equipment for in-home Wi-Fi will be included for all families who enroll in the program after December 3, 2015.

Cox also announced Connect2Compete customers will have free access to Cox Wi-Fi, the company’s metro Wi-Fi hot spot network service available in markets around the country, including San Diego.