San Diego-based CyberUnited and New York-based LIFARS said on May 4 that they formed a security consulting joint venture, CyberUnited LIFARS.

While providing all the services of a traditional firm, “we go beyond those solutions,” said Darin Andersen, founder and CEO of CyberUnited.

The new entity will enhance the products, services, markets and geographic reach of the partner firms.

Under the partnership, Andersen has taken a seat on the LIFARS board and Ondrej Krehel, CEO of LIFARS, has joined the CyberUnited board.

The partners said their new entity will use continuous monitoring through new products and services that will enable organizations to reduce their chances of being attacked, while also providing remediation techniques in the event that an attack is successful. In addition, the venture said it plans to provide military-style cybersecurity breach-preparedness training.