San Diego Business Journal

Edico Genome Inc. announced Monday a faster analysis of a whole genome sequence.

The San Diego-based tech startup said that collaborative data generated with biochemists and geneticists from Harvard and Stanford universities showed the company's Dragen Bio-IT Processor sped analysis of a whole genome sequence by tenfold, generating results in about six hours compared with 60 hours with standard software.

Dragen is a reconfigurable platform designed to dramatically accelerate secondary analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS), removing a key bottleneck in NGS workflow. Dragen is loaded with optimized algorithms for mapping, alignment, sorting and variant calling, and the flexible platform can be loaded with additional algorithms for a range of secondary analysis pipelines, such as whole genome or exome, RNAseq, methylome, microbiome and cancer.

In the study, results using Dragen were obtained in six hours and 16 minutes, while results using the standard software used by the industry were obtained in 60 hours and 28 minutes.