San Diego Business Journal

Edico Genome Inc., a La Jolla-based tech startup, announced Tuesday that it’s collaborating with Intel Corp. to speed up next-generation genome sequencing data analysis.

Although the companies would not disclose specifics regarding the new technology, representatives from Edico said the solution will enable the completion of primary and secondary next-gen genome analysis in real time.

“As the use of next-generation sequencing grows, many of our customers, including hospitals and research institutions, have a need for solutions that can process and analyze huge data sets rapidly and cost effectively,” said Ketan Paranjape, general manager life sciences at Intel. “Edico Genome’s significant domain expertise in the arena of genomics analysis makes them an ideal partner in this vertical space.”

Just last year, Intel partnered with the Broad Institute to reduce the time it takes to analyze a whole human genome from three days down to one day. Today, Edico and Intel technologies are able to analyze a whole genome in approximately 20 minutes, according to a recent news release.

“Edico Genome’s Dragen, the world’s first Bio-IT processor, is currently helping clinicians and researchers overcome a key bottleneck in NGS workflow by rapidly analyzing big data, and we look forward to working with Intel to offer a powerful genomics analysis solution,” said Pieter van Rooyen, CEO of Edico Genome. “In addition, this partnership accelerates deployment of Dragen to Intel’s customer base around the world, greatly expanding the reach and adoption of our bioinformatics processor.”

Edico Genome has rapidly grown from 10 employees in 2014 to 28 employees today. The company just graduated from the EvoNexus incubator into a 9,000-square-foot space in Torrey Pines.