San Diego Business Journal

Renovation Realty, a San Diego residential contractor and full-service real estate firm, said it launched a new service it calls Sell Your Home Quick aimed at homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly for cash.

The business said it recognized a need among potential clients who have made inquiries on the service. Clients generally need to sell their homes to raise cash for such things as a death in the family, divorce, liquidation of assets, foreclosure, bad mortgage terms, costly repairs, job loss or transfer, or retirement, the firm said.

“We launched this new service to better serve homeowners who need cash quickly and don’t necessarily have time to participate in our signature service, where we renovate prior to selling,” said Cannon Christian, president of Renovation Realty.

The company said it will assess the value of the home and provide a written cash offer to the homeowner to purchase the home as is. The offer is good for seven days, includes no closing costs, with an escrow time of seven days or less, he said.