San Diego-based Aethlon Medical Inc. today released a letter from its CEO and Chairman, Jim Joyce, addressing the CNN claim that the medical device maker offers a cure for Ebola.

In the letter Joyce explains the company’s therapeutic device, the Hemopurifier, and Aethlon’s plan for fighting infectious viruses.

“We created the Hemopurifier to provide a post-exposure treatment strategy to mitigate illness, suffering, and death resulting from exposure to viral pathogens.” Joyce said. “We do not represent that our Hemopurifier is a cure for Ebola. It is designed to augment the ability of the immune system to overcome infection to increase the benefit of drug therapy in disease conditions where an antiviral agent may be indicated.”

Joyce said Aethlon (OTCBb: AEMD) is preparing to launch the first FDA approved feasibility studies of Hemopurifier therapy in the United States.

Aethlon is a medical device company that addresses life-threatening diseases. The company is operating under two government contacts with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a sepsis treatment. Sepsis, commonly known as blood poisoning, is a severe and often fatal infection of the blood that is a common result of wartime injury.

Aethlon is a publicly traded company that has a market capitalization of $34.7 million.