The Verizon telecommunications company said recently that it plans to install its own recently acquired fleet-management solution, Networkfleet, on 18,000 company vehicles this year.

Keeping things all in the family, Verizon also announced that Networkfleet would use the Verizon Wireless network for its communications needs.

Networkfleet is based in San Diego, where it employs 150 people. It was previously a subsidiary of Hughes Telematics, which Verizon bought last year.

The Networkfleet system automatically reports vehicle status to a computer server, allowing fleet managers to get information on the vehicle through a simple Web browser. The system tracks a vehicle’s location via GPS and reports vehicle diagnostic information. One Networkfleet client, Riverside-based Eastern Municipal Water District, reported cutting labor costs by $354,000, cutting fuel costs by $79,000, and reducing miles driven by 165,000, all within the first six months of using Networkfleet.

Verizon offers landline communications service in the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, a few states south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and portions of California and Florida. It is part of the joint venture that owns Verizon Wireless. Vodafone owns the other portion of the wireless business.

— SDBJ Staff Report