The Department of Defense has singled out a U.S. Navy lab civilian employee, Ron Broersma, for honors.

Broersma is chief engineer for the information technology division at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific in Point Loma.

Leaders at SSC Pacific recently presented him with the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program Hero Award.

Leadership in the modernization program’s networking branch praised Broersma for his outstanding support of the organization.

Furthermore, Broersma’s technical expertise and contributions to the Defense Research and Engineering Network Program were recognized as “second to none.” He’s served as the networking program’s chief engineer for the past decade.

Broersma has also received kudos from people working on the next-generation version of the Internet, called Internet protocol version 6. The IPv6 Forum recently honored Broersma as an IPv6 Forum Internet Pioneer. He’s one of four people to receive the award.

IPv6 Forum is a worldwide consortium of leading Internet service providers, national research and education networks.

— SDBJ Staff Report