Andrew Canter


Name: Andrew Canter.

Company: Canter Cos.

Title: President and CEO.

Year founded: 2006.

Education: Bachelor of Science, real estate and finance, San Diego State University.

Birthplace: Holyoke, Mass.

Age: 28.

Current residence: Windansea Beach, La Jolla.

Family: Single.

Andrew Canter is president and CEO of Canter Cos., a private investment firm that focuses on various areas of real estate and venture capital. Founded in 2006, Andrew Canter started out with an opportunistic approach to capitalize on a collapsing market. Six years later, the company has become a vertically integrated corporation which handles everything from development, portfolio and capital management, full service brokerage as well as private equity stakes in a variety of sectors.


Essential business philosophy: Ensure all members of the team are happy.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Maintain a continuing process of evolving and never get comfortable.

Guiding principles: Have high ethics and quality in everything we do. Always strive to be inspired by your work.

Yardsticks of success: Cultivating an environment where my employees are growing as professionals, and having a positive impact on the community.

Goals yet to be achieved: Expansion of our real estate divisions throughout the West Coast.


Best business decision: Creating a team of highly motivated individuals who are intelligent, innovative, and inspire me to learn.

Worst business decision: Structuring transactions to cap company’s potential profit on deals that possessed large upside.

Toughest business decision: To make the call when you have to downsize a company.

Biggest missed opportunity: Not being capitalized enough when we started to fully take advantage of profitable opportunities.

Mentor: I have learned so much from so many people who have inspired, motivated or simply allowed me to sit in meetings throughout my career.

Word that describes you: Persistent.


What you like best about your job: I get to take on new challenges and learn something every day.

What you like least about your job: Having to make decisions that could negatively affect people’s lives.

Pet peeves: Laziness.

Most important lesson learned: Never overextend yourself.

Person most interested in meeting: Warren Buffett.

Three greatest passions: Adventure, business and traveling.

First choice for a new career: A cross between a scuba instructor and ski bum in some place beautiful or exotic.


Favorite quote: “Business is the combination of war and sport.” — André Maurois.

Most influential book: “The Tipping Point,” by Malcolm Gladwell.

Favorite status symbol: A beautiful handcrafted watch that no one knows what it is.

Favorite restaurant: Pamplemousse Grille.

Favorite place for business meetings: In our corporate office downtown San Diego.

Favorite vacation spot: British West Indies.

Favorite way to spend time: Exploring somewhere I have never been.