San Diego Business Journal

The company responsible for blowing up the South Bay Power Plant in Chula Vista will do it in one bang rather than two as it initially planned, said the Port of San Diego, which is overseeing the project.

Dynegy South Bay LLC submitted a change to its previously approved permit, a move applauded by Chula Vista, which has long tried to get rid of the ugly-looking structure.

“Demolishing the power plant with a single implosion will expedite creation of an unobstructed view corridor for the residents of Chula Vista and moves us closer to creating a world-class resort and residential destination on our portion of San Diego Bay as outlined in the Chula Vista Bayfront Plan,” said Mayor Cheryl Cox.

The amended plan requires approval from the state’s Coastal Commission, which meets on Sept. 14. Should it receive that, the implosion could occur in the next few months, but certainly by the end of 2012, says port spokeswoman Marguerite Elicone.

Dynegy through its contractor, Silverado Construction Inc., has been removing parts of the plant since 2011, and has recently removed pipes, lights, controls, ducting and tanks.

The project, costing about $60 million, will generate an estimated 21,000 tons of recyclable metals, and another 3,400 tons of nonhazardous waste, such as wood and plastic.