A single-family home in Chula Vista underwent an extreme makeover, receiving a variety of energy-efficient upgrades compliments of a consortium of government and private sector interests to demonstrate how it achieved more than 50 percent in energy savings.

The house at 590 Fig Ave. was opened to the public Jan. 24, and will be available for tours and training throughout the year.

Participating in the project were the City of Chula Vista; ConSol, a consulting firm; San Diego Gas & Electric Co.; General Electric; California Center for Sustainable Energy; the County of San Diego; and Sweetwater Authority.

Included in the upgrades were photovoltaic panel installations, and a home energy network that allows homeowners to track and manage their energy use.

The demonstration home also served as a training opportunity for roofing contractors, electricians, and solar installers, and provided GE with information that will be used for future solar installs, according to a city report.

The home will be open to the public on the third Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon.

The house was purchased in September by the city in a distressed sale at a substantial discount through the Chase Community Revitalization program. After a year, the house will be sold to a qualifying low-income family through the city’s first-time homebuyer program, the city report said.

— Mike Allen