Commerce can be defined as the sharing of ideas, attitudes and social relations. Commerce occurs in many places and most often over a meal. “Breaking bread” is a universal tradition that crosses over to all cultures from all generations. Fortunately for a caterer, everyone eats!

Catering in commerce helps create culinary environments (picnics, private parties, board room lunches) for companies to reward their employees, mingle and talk about ideas, reinforce positive attitudes and increase employee morale. Families use catering for celebrations from birth to death and everything in between. Having the time with each other is so important, more enjoyable and certainly less stressful if a caterer can handle the meal. However, that philosophy does not hold true for Thanksgiving where stress is part of the party!

The current state of the business of catering is only current for one moment. Customers buying habits have evolved so that buying catering is not just about the food and service anymore. Of course the food has to be delicious, appealing and served in style. However, in San Diego, the customer awareness of health, well-being and overall quality of life is very high. They want to be educated about the source of the food, what is in the food (pink slime, yikes!), and how it will be prepared. Buying local, creating a farm-to-table meal and sense of global environmental respect is a growing focus for the customer and caterer alike.

While some of the changes are considered industry trends and can be controlled, others are completely uncontrollable. The largest of the uncontrolled factors in the business of catering is the rapidly changing costs of raw products. Beef, pork, sustainable fish, dairy and many other core ingredient costs increase and vary so significantly that daily pricing becomes a smart business practice.

Call it “cause dining” or “goal-oriented catering”, the host of today thinks beyond just the simple fact that they have a party and need food. They now embrace the consequences of their choices.

The simple act of being present in today’s ever-changing world is the key to providing the consummate service that catering clients seek. It boils down to the simple acknowledgment of their needs and how those needs can be met and exceeded.

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