San Diego Business Journal Editor:

"Jesus wept."

The shortest sentence in the Bible came immediately to my mind as I read of Bishop Robert Brom's unbelievable decision to forbid a funeral in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego for "club owner" John McCusker.

First and foremost, my heart ached for the McCusker family. Here, in their hour of deepest need, they turn to an institution in which they had put their trust and faith only to have a door slammed in their face. Secondly, this is a sad example of a disturbing trend in our country of trying to hide behind canon law, misinterpreted Scripture, and "tradition" to drive wedges between people and promote intolerance.

While, according to the diocese, Mr. McCusker's business was "inconsistent" with moral teaching, wasn't it really his sexual orientation that prompted their admittedly rare decision? If so, that is certainly "inconsistent" with the loving God I know and Jesus' compassionate teachings.

And reason for us all to weep.

The Rev. Tony Freeman
Metropolitan Community Church
San Diego