San Diego Business Journal

The 50th Congressional District continues to attract comers since Randy "Duke" Cunningham resigned after pleading guilty Nov. 28 to tax evasion and conspiracy.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Newsome, a San Diego native, on Dec. 5 announced his plans to file for candidacy later this month.

Newsome is a 44-year-old Republican who lives in Big Bear Lake. He plans to relocate to the San Diego area.

"I think citizens of the 50th Congressional District have had enough," said Newsome. "They are fed up with corrupt politicians. They need someone who has a proven record of honorable service and someone who knows what self-sacrifice is all about."

During his 19 years with the CHP, Newsome has been awarded five Mothers Against Drunk Driving Awards, two awards for auto theft enforcement, and numerous departmental citations.

On Dec. 1, Alan Uke, a prominent Poway businessman, and Brian Bilbray, who had represented the 49th Congressional District in the South Bay, announced their candidacies for Cunningham's seat.

, Pat Broderick