San Diego Business Journal 2000

May 1: $100,000 given to Cunningham in two personal checks.

Oct. 23: $11,116.50 payment made on Cunningham's 65-foot yacht, the Kelly C.


Aug. 16: Cunningham fails to declare $100,000 worth of illicit payments on his tax returns.

Nov. 16: $12,000 worth of antique furniture delivered to Cunningham. Included are four armoires, three nightstands and a buffet.

Dec. 3: $200,000 wired to an escrow account established to buy Cunningham's Arlington, Va., condominium.

Dec. 27: $50,000 check paid to Cunningham.


Jan. 24: $6,632 paid for a leather sofa and sleigh-style bed delivered to Cunningham.

Feb. 5: $7,200 paid for two antique Restoration-period commodes delivered to Cunningham.

Feb. 27: $10,000 check to Cunningham.

April 6: $13,500 check to Cunningham for Rolls-Royce purchase.

May 4: $17,889.96 check to auto repair shop for work done on Cunningham's Rolls-Royce.

Aug. 30: $140,000 check to third party for the 42-foot Duke-Stir yacht, which was moved to Cunningham's boat slip.

Sept. 10: Cunningham fails to declare more than $250,000 of illicit payments and benefits on his tax returns.

Sept. 18: $20,000 check to Cunningham.

Sept. 19: $16,867.13 check to marine-services company for repairs to the Kelly C.

Oct. 17: $2,000 check to marine-services company for transportation of the Kelly C.

Nov. 7: $7,500 paid to Cunningham for yacht-club fees.

Nov. 22: $40,000 paid to Cunningham.

Nov. 25: $1,119.95 paid to auto-repair shop for Rolls-Royce repairs.

Dec. 27: $58,674.90 paid for mortgage on the Kelly C.


Jan. 13: $33,000 check to Cunningham.

April 15: Cunningham fails to report $250,000 in illicit payments and benefits on tax returns.

May 8: Cunningham alters title to recently purchased sport utility vehicle, saying he bought the $10,000 SUV for $18,000, misrepresenting market price.

May 14: $8,000 check to Cunningham.

June 20-22: $2,731.33 paid to a resort for Cunningham's lodging and meals; $1,500 paid to resort for a gift certificate Cunningham used to buy earrings; $400 to resort for a Greenbrier charm and necklace.

July 28: $9,200 paid to manufacturer for two Laser Shot shooting simulators, which were delivered to Cunningham.

Sept. 14: $19,025 check to Cunningham.

Nov. 5-6: Cunningham agrees to sell Del Mar home to defense contractor for inflated price of $1.5 million, then seeks additional $175,000.

Nov. 7: Sale finalized. Final price: $1.675 million.

Dec. 1-4: $1 million wired by co-conspirator into escrow account set up for Cunningham to buy Rancho Santa Fe home. Cunningham then wires $2.3 million to home's seller.

Dec. 31: $115,100 check to Cunningham's Top Gun Enterprises Inc.


Feb. 26: $11,393.56 to moving company to ship Cunningham's furniture from Virginia condo to Rancho Santa Fe.

March 8: $8,166.25 for Cunningham's charter jet, hotel and meal expenses.

April 15: Cunningham fails to declare more than $500,000 in illicit payments and benefits on his tax returns.

May 13: $525,000 paid for second mortgage on Cunningham's Rancho Santa Fe home.

May 25: $2,081.30 paid to Washington, D.C., hotel for Cunningham's daughter's graduation party.

June: $6,500 cash given to Cunningham.

June 17: $18,000 paid to Cunningham.

Aug. 25: $171,000 and $329,000 payments to Top Gun Enterprises through a third party. Third party later pays $28,237.20 for monthly mortgage of Cunningham's Rancho Santa Fe home.


April 15: Cunningham fails to declare more than $1 million in illicit payments and benefits during previous tax year.

May 7: $15,200 paid for five rugs delivered to Cunningham.

, Rob Davis

Source: Cunningham's plea agreement filed Nov. 28 in U.S. District Court.