San Diego Business Journal

Tuesday is Election Day finally.

No more political blitzes every five minutes on television. The winners will take their places in our communities and begin the changing of the guard.

In San Diego, 84 elected officials hold offices and 44 are up for election or re-election.

I hope the new office holders look at what has been happening in our community and continue to support the things that are working and get rid of the untenable red tape.

Where change is needed make it. But don't turn everything upside down and start all over. The Downtown ballpark immediately comes to mind. The intrigue surrounding Councilwoman Valerie Stallings' ties to Padres' owner John Moores hopefully will end and the new council and mayor will vote to proceed with the construction.

With nearly $200 million already spent, it is pointless to scrap the project. The new team in City Hall needs to immediately show their leadership skills and set a course for finishing the project by selling the bonds and expediting construction.

In addition to the East Village redevelopment project, there is the planned aircraft carrier USS Midway museum, the North and South Embarcadero upgrades, the expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, the Hyatt expansion, several hotels, a number of housing projects, retail stores and new parking structures. There also is for the first time in a decade new high-rise office towers in the works.

The Catellus Corp. owners of the Santa Fe Rail depot and most of the land on both sides of the railroad tracks (15 acres to be exact) has announced the building of two Class A office towers , one 27 stories, the other 20 stories. These are the first Class A buildings in Downtown in over a decade. Adjacent to them will be a two-tower luxury residential complex being built by Bosa Development.

Catellus officials proudly talk about creating a world-class urban environment with the sophistication and style that befits San Diego and its skyline. The design for the project is evocative of the sails, which fill the bay.

Needless to say, our Downtown skyline is evolving into one that will set a standard for all other cities in the world to strive to emulate. If you have some free time, drive Downtown this weekend and look at Little Italy, the Gaslamp and all the construction going on in the region; it is spellbinding.

Looming in the future are the second expansion of the Convention Center, more housing and several more new hotels. The city's makeover is a multibillion-dollar operation and will make us truly the envy of the world.

To the balance sheet.

Credit: To Letteiri McIntyre and Associates and BRG Consulting for tying for first-place for the most Outstanding Environmental Document award from the Association of Environmental Professionals. The Letteiri McIntyre ballpark subsequent environmental impact report completed for the CCDC tied with BRG's North Embarcadero Visionary Plan Master Environmental Impact Report. While progress is often marred by claims about ignoring the environmental impact on the community, the CCDC staff wanted a comprehensive look at the impact these projects have on the surrounding region. This kind of foresight by the CCDC is vital to the future success of the development Downtown. Congratulations to Peter Hall and his team for picking first-class consultants to study the issues.

Credit: To San Diego Mayor Susan Golding and the City Council for reappointing Peter Q. Davis, the former chairman of Bank of Commerce and mayoral candidate, to the board of the Centre City Development Corp. The two-term chairman of that board, Peter brings tremendous experience and leadership back to CCDC. Good job, Susan.

Credit: To Ken Blanchard and his team at the Ken Blanchard Cos. for being honored by Human Resource Magazine for the creation of one of the top 10 best training products of 2000. The Ken Blanchard Cos. creation of "Gung-Ho!", the organizational change process, follows on the heels of the book of the same name co-authored by Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. Blanchard consulting partners Garry Demarest, Chris Edwards and Robert Glaser have adopted the major tenets of the book into a process for implementing change in any organization. Congratulations to Ken and his team for continuing to bring recognition to our region.