Stories for January 2000

Friday, January 28

Defense---Tech firms flaunt their military hardware at West 2001

A consumer manufacturer's aversion to do warranty work makes a better, tougher, commercial product, said Rear Adm. John Gauss, commander of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (Spawar) in San Diego, noting it's one of many things to weigh when con

Tuesday, January 25

Medical Improvements Call For Cleanliness, Timeliness

In the construction business, the old adage is you can usually find a job site by following the dusty footprints from the parking lot to where the men are working. However, with tenant improvements for medical facilities that should never be the case.

Laws Continually Change Face of Real Estate Transactions

The commercial real estate industry is becoming increasingly complex due to the myriad of contractual documentation, disclosures and forms required for virtually all present-day real estate transactions. Long gone are the days of the 10-page Standard AIR

Communication Requires a Two-Way Connection

How many times have you asked an employee to write a proposal or report, but he or she comes back with something totally off the mark? You wonder if he or she just messed up, or perhaps didn't understand your instructions. If better communication is on yo, Sony Join Forces to Provide Online Entertainment

A recent deal with Sony Corp. has San Diego-based shouting, "That's Entertainment!"

Conference Focuses on Redevelopment of Downtown

Better coordination between government agencies and more communication to the public about the Downtown ballpark's cultural benefits are needed to ensure redevelopment success, said speakers at a University of San Diego conference.

Professionals Suited to Help

Local members of Financial Women International recently teamed up with Suits You San Diego for a good cause.

Court Date Set for Ruling on Initiative

San Diego city officials and the San Diego Padres are hoping for some good news next month.

Survey: Tech Firms Lagging in Women Executives

A survey of UCSD Connect member companies revealed San Diego's technology industry may be on the cutting edge in development, but not in promoting women in leadership roles.

Employers Change Environment to Retain Personnel

In the early 1990s, employees timidly began requesting casual, flexible work environments.

Ryan Aeronautical Moving Facilities to Rancho Bernardo

Ryan Aeronautical, which has been at its current site near Lindbergh Field for decades, will relocate to Rancho Bernardo this spring, taking with it 400 employees.

New Wrinkle in Battle Over Tax Cuts

At this writing, another budget stalemate is being threatened as Republicans in Congress clash with the Democratic White House over the federal budget surplus.

Alexander X Lands $12.6M Contract

San Diego-based Alexander X, Inc. recently netted a five-year, multimillion-dollar subcontract from Maxim Systems, Inc., also of San Diego.

Rapid Expansion

Grading gets under way for Nokia's second major building at the Scripps Northridge Corporate Center. In the background is Nokia's Product Creation Center, completed in November 1999. A special coast-to-coast ribbon cutting ceremony was broadcast by satell

Hot Deals

Property: Sorrento Mesa Business Center, 9823, 9833, 9853, 9863, and 9883 Pacific Heights Blvd., and 5915, 5955, and 5995 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego.

Profile: Helen Robbins-Meyer

fter surviving a near-fatal car crash, Helen Robbins-Meyer realized how precious life is and made the most of it.

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County real estate brokerage firms, like virtually every San Diego industry, benefited from an expansion in the economy driven primarily by the growth of the technology sector in 1999.

Overtime Junkies, Supervisors and the Toll They Take

That some Americans still welcome overtime may come as a surprise, given chronic national wailing about how work hinders their lifestyle.

Event Helps Charities: Restaurant Presents Wine Tastings

Local restaurateur Sami Ladeki has found twice-monthly wine sampling nights at his Sammy's Woodfired Pizza downtown location successful.

Hey Boss, Little Things Mean a Lot to Employees

Dear Joyce: Although there are only 85 in our company, the turnover is killing our days , those of us who stay are putting in 10-12 hours a day, several days a week. New people don't stay long. We don't have a human resources department. We're paid for th

Convertible Bonds Have a Mixed Reputation

Dear George: It's been suggested that I invest in some convertible bonds. However, I have absolutely no idea what they are and how they work. Any suggestions?

Concrete Developments

Roel Construction Co. is progressing on the structural portion of Canadian-based Bosa Development's Horizon project Downtown. The city block-size, mixed-use project, located in the Marina District, will include 194 condos in twin 25-foot towers as well as

JMAR Gets $1.8M Biochip Order

San Diego's JMAR Technologies Inc. recently announced its JMAR Precision System division had received an order from a leading DNA biochip company worth $1.8 million.

Commercial Real Estate

he real estate property management profession is changing because of technology, but customer service is still an important part of the business, several local building managers said recently.

Huge Biotech Merger Offers Pros and Cons

The estimated $76 billion merger of British drugmakers Glaxo Wellcome P.L.C. and SmithKline Beecham P.L.C. spells good news and bad news for biotechnology companies, a local expert said.

Internet Leads to Quicker, Better Informed Decisions

E-commerce and the Internet are redefining how all businesses operate. Barriers to entry are being eliminated and competition is emerging from non-traditional sources. And a new set of rules is forcing traditional business to adapt. That's true for everyb


Prices for resale houses in San Diego ended 1999 higher than they started, statistics from the San Diego Association of Realtors show, and a real estate executive sees higher prices this year as well.


Qualcomm Inc.'s founder and CEO Irwin Jacobs this month was named one of 1999's top 25 corporate managers in the world by Business Week.

Outlook Is Good for Commercial Investment Real Estate

Last year was a good one for investment real estate in San Diego County. Despite concerns about the Asian economies, international economic markets, and the year 2000 rollover, the county's Gross Regional Product grew by 6.7 percent, while unemployment fe

Combat Hunger With Common Sense and Science

With the holidays behind us, it's a good time for us to think about our food supply and how we can increase food security across the world. Much of the battle to conquer world hunger will be fought in labs and research facilities. But an equally important

Inventor Gets First Patent of New Year

Earlier this month, the San Diegan received the first American patent of 2000 for his Lensurf system. The multiple component system is designed to protect the eyes in all weather conditions, fitting into visor/sunglasses that provide excellent visibility

Slimmer City Zoning Code Now in Effect

The city of San Diego's new land use zoning code is still fairly large at 900 pages, but briefer than the 1,200 pages it used to be.

Sports Marketing Firm Puts the Ball in Their Clients' Court

Courting clients in the new millennium seems to be more of a game than ever. Literally.

Negative Effects Can Be Minimized By Staying Informed

Recent changes to the Uniform Building Code for future development and renovation projects in San Diego, as well as statewide, will likely have a far greater impact on construction costs than most people are aware. Knowledge of these codes and their appli

Dial in City Web Site for Area Code Information

San Diegans who want to sound off about the new 858 area code can voice their opinion by logging on to the city of San Diego's Web site.

Expert Warns Managers

It's been called one of the greatest business tools, but E-mail can backfire and hurt if used incorrectly, says local communication expert Mary-Ellen Drummond.

NTN Hits Fox Prime Time With Football Game

BUZZTIME, Inc., a division of San Diego-based NTN, struck a deal last month to produce a customized version of QB1 for

Handmade Goods at Heart of Online Business

JoAnne Mantz once went for the perfect baby gift, but couldn't find it. So, she started her own online business.

Experts Predict Supply, Demand to Balance Out This Year

The 1990s were a volatile decade for North San Diego County's R & D;/industrial market, which has weathered extreme highs and lows.

New PB Hotel Rides Wave of Surfers' Success

A $6 million lifeguard tower-themed hotel, restaurant and retail project in Pacific Beach will rise through the rubble of a local surfing landmark.

Deli Holds Right Numbers: Lottery Honors Retailer

San Diego's Kings Liquor & Deli has been selected the California Lottery's February 2000 Retailer of the Month.

French Abortion Drug Expected on Market Soon

Pro-choice groups say the abortion-inducing drug RU486, which was trial-tested in San Diego in 1994, may hit the U.S. market by the end of March.


ResMed designs, manufactures and distributes medical equipment for treating and diagnosing sleep disordered breathing.

BMW M Coupe: Performance With a Sweet Sound

A middle-aged woman drives a small high performance car through the Santa Cruz Mountains each day to her research job at the Stanford University medical school. When asked if she listens to books on tape during her 50-minute commute, she replied that no,

Padres, Trade Council Ink Ballpark Pact

San Diego Ballpark Builders, the joint venture construction group hired by the Padres to build its ballpark, signed an agreement with the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council and their affiliated unions.

Finding Contractors Early Helps Project Run Smoothly

Completing tenant improvement construction of new office space that functions successfully for a business is a challenge in itself. When critical time constraints are imposed, the challenge increases tenfold.

Isis' Layoffs Described as 'Prudent' By Analysts

CARLSBAD , Two analysts said Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s restructuring plan was a painful but prudent move to conserve cash for the Carlsbad-based biotechnology firm.


To have your business event that costs less than $50 to attend included in the calendar section, please make sure your press release arrives at our office at least 15 working days before the event. Send information to:

Successful Continues Reinventing Itself

The music business is full of overnight sensations , the Tokens, Gary Glitter, the Buggles.

Low Unemployment Locally Recalls Post WWII Era

San Diego's unemployment rate dropped again in December to 2.5 percent, nearing a historic low.

Friday, January 21

Lead---Making advances in mental health care for youths

Dismiss a child's seriously disruptive and aggressive behavior as a normal stage of adolescence and the real culprit of a mental illness may be buried for years.

Development---State eyes expanding Otay tax credit zone

That's the prospect for corporations like BFGoodrich Co. and Raytheon Co., plus enterprises big and small, which could soon get tax breaks if they expand operations in certain South Bay neighborhoods.

Wednesday, January 19

San Diego to Say G'Bye to 'Navy Mayor'

In 1997, Rear Adm. Ronne Froman was faced with the "do more with less" motto, so she embarked upon an ambitious plan to slash the Navy's local budget and to simplify local operations.

Focus Is Environmental Protection and Economic Development

About 30 small businesses are housed in facilities belonging to the Border Environmental Commerce Alliance, which can be found down a meandering road by the marina in Chula Vista.

Loans Tailored to Home Improvements

Homeowners looking to refurbish their houses but unwilling to use expensive credit cards to finance it will soon be served by a new, locally based loan company specializing in home improvement loans.

Invest Aggressively Only if Time Is on Your Side

Dear George: I hear people say that investors with a long-term perspective should be aggressive. However, I'm not sure what that means. What are aggressive investments?

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The lines continue to blur between accounting, financial, insurance and other service firms.

Legal Reform: Unfinished Business in New Year

A March primary battle over insurance law, the plaintiffs' bar legislative attack on protective orders and arbitration, and what to do about California's bizarre unfair competition law , these rank high as civil justice issues as the Golden State moves in

Fire to Work Burns for Those With Snow on the Roof

You might think a 79-year-old retired Boynton Beach, Fla., resident would spend his days walking along the beach, playing nine holes of golf, or watching "Jeopardy." But for a serial entrepreneur, business life does not stop at 65.

Padres Ballpark Project Getting Back on Track

San Diego redevelopment officials said they should have possession of all the property within the Padres ballpark footprint by the end of this month and start demolition and other work by February.

Another Sign of Bold Economy: Bankruptcies Drop

An improving local economy has led to a decline in all types of bankruptcies in San Diego, statistics from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court show.

Biotech Receives Venture Capital Funding

n in private equity funding to speed up the development of its gene-identifying technology.

Soccer Team Gets Positive Play After Going Public

Optimism was peaking at the Pacific Beach offices of the San Diego Flash Soccer Club last week following a television interview of Flash CEO Yan Skwara on CNN Financial News and the official change of its stock symbol.


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Profile: Stephen Zolezzi

ecades ago, the crowded San Diego harborfront fish markets fascinated a young Stephen Zolezzi, who often helped on his dad's fishing boat.

Tips for Selecting ERP Software Integrating Accounting, Other Core Business Functions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the talk of the accounting, finance, business and technology worlds. Everyone is doing it , integrating their core business processes with one ERP software system. ERP software is designed to bring together the key ac

Convention Center Touts Advance Booking Plan

The San Diego Convention Center Corp. recently launched a new sales policy in which the center is guaranteeing its space and rates up to 10 years in advance.

Mayor Appoints Members to Visionary Panel

Mayor Susan Golding appointed 24 citizens to a Strategy 2020 Committee intended to design the city's strategic plan for the next 20 years.

Searching for Greatness

After the normal "Person of the Year" announcement came the exceptional "Person of the Century." I'm surprised that no one trumpeted the "Person of the Millennium."

Experts: Working From Home a Tax Benefit

Businesspeople who take the home office deduction and companies that do research and development will benefit from the recent tax changes, two local certified public accountants said.

Sportscaster to MC Hall of Champions Dinner

The San Diego Hall of Champions named Rancho Santa Fe resident Dick Enberg as master of ceremonies for the Hall of Champions' 54th annual Salute to the Champions dinner Feb. 15 at the Hyatt Regency San Diego.

Tourism Will Shine Brightly in Year 2000

Welcome to the Year 2000. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill, what about the Y2K problem? I think the only Y2K problem that exists is the flu. It's the worst in recent memory.


Your disdainful recent editorial concerning the Marine Corps helicopters was disgusting. It reflected a dismaying disconnect from the sincere sentiments of many San Diego County residents who are genuinely concerned about the issue of helicopter overfligh

ASID Winners Find Common Theme: Intimacy

When Garden Fresh Restaurants Inc. came to Robert Wright for a new concept in restaurant design, they told him he wouldn't have much space to work with.

Expanding Services Reflects Well on the Bottom Line

Accountants, especially those at Big Five and other large firms, are making more of their revenues through consulting rather than traditional services of auditing and tax preparation work.

Exhibit Continues Despite Recent Thefts: Museum of Man Displays Handmade Mexican Pottery

Although mass production has changed the way businesses make their products, there are some who have managed to rekindle a passion for handmade artistry and make money too.

Trade Shows More About People Than Selling

You may think that exhibitors and buyers go to trade shows to sell or buy. But there shouldn't be any selling, says Dan Seidman, president of Sales Autopsy Inc., a national training organization in Streamwood, Ill.

Tour of Institute Helps Lure Students to Science

It was a bustling scene at the renowned Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla last week as many high school students flocked to the campus to get a taste of real-life at work and to quiz scientists.


Selling Agent: John Garner of Marcus and Millichap represented the buyer and the seller.

Medical Middleman On the Web Acquires Funds in the Millions

Mike Chermak appears to be one step closer to realizing his dream of a major return on his investment now that his health care business-to-business E-commerce firm is on its way to the stock exchange.

Silicon Valley Firm Transfers Roots to San Diego

Bay Logics Inc. is a $6 cab ride to Lindbergh Field, just the way the company's president and CEO Sam Borgese likes it.

Class Work Involves Technology-Based

While change can be a double-edged sword, it is usually necessary to stay competitive in an ever-changing business community.

Charger Kicker Wins With Kids

His team may not have had a winning season, but Chargers kicker John Carney is a big winner in the eyes of many, particularly a group of formerly disfigured young people.

Economy Steamrolls Into 7th Solid Year

San Diego's booming high-tech economy should continue to grow this year, but not as strongly as last year, according to a panel of local experts.

Advice: Develop Strategies

Are you a phone-o-phobe or suffering from paperosis misplacea? No worries. A remedy is near said Harriet Schechter, a San Diego-based workplace consultant and author of a new book titled "Conquering Chaos at Work: Strategies for Managing Disorganization a

Final '99 Tally Shows Dip in New Home Sales

New home sales volume in the county slipped 1.4 percent in 1999, a real estate information service reported.

Loews Resort Recently Purchased for $90.5 Million

Loews Coronado Bay Resort's operator, New York City-based Loews Hotels, recently purchased the hotel for $90.5 million.

Peninsula Shareholders Agree to U.S. Bancorp Merger

Shareholders of Peninsula Bank of San Diego last Tuesday approved purchase of their bank by Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp.

Quality Management System Gains Global Acceptance: Using ISO 9000 to Develop International Business Opportunities

Innovations in technology and Web-based commerce have opened many new market opportunities for everyone. Regardless of a current customer base, the long-range success of many companies will depend on increasing exposure to new markets. It is important to

Recruiting and Retaining Top-Notch Accountants

The greatest asset of any business is its people. Few places is this more true than in the field of accounting.

Company Index


Paging Through the Best Career Books of 1999

This is the third annual best-career- books-of-the-year awards handed out by Dr. Ronald Krannich of Impact Publications in Manassas, Va., who publishes the nation's most complete career books catalog, and myself.

Porsche Takes Boxster Sports Car to the Next Level

Porsche stunned the sports-car-loving public a few years ago with the advent of its incredibly popular Boxster model.


D-40 Co. manufactures and markets two multipurpose lubricant products known as "WD-40" and "3-IN-ONE Oil," and the Lava brand of heavy-duty hand cleaners.

Some Companies Convert to Server-Based Models: Computerized Accounting Systems Continue to Change

Take a poll of chief financial officers and controllers about their experiences selecting and installing accounting software packages and you will probably hear comments like "it was a significant investment in time and money."

City Reaps First Check From Pepsi Cola Bottling Co

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of San Diego sent a $1.5 million check to the city last month as part of its contract with the city as its exclusive beverage provider.

Local Impact of Genetic Code Revelation Uncertain

Local experts said it remains to be seen how the recent news by a private firm that it deciphered 90 percent of the human genetic code will affect local research in San Diego.

News Spreads In Audio Format Print-Disabled Call Newspaper Phone Line

Keeping in touch with current events through newspapers seems impossible for the 50,000 people in San Diego County who are legally blind, vision-impaired or have a similar disability.

NFIB Reforms Are Simple and Clear

As Congress and state legislatures return this month from their Christmas break, lawmakers will be turning their attention to new legislation affecting business. Whether that legislation benefits or hampers business awaits to be seen.

Hotelier Gives Back to High School

Sweetwater High School is benefiting from a recent grant for $100,000 from local businessman Bob Payne, the principal owner of the Hanalei Hotel and San Diego Mission Valley Hilton Hotel.

Saturday, January 15

Biotech---Syrrx raises $79 million for protein research, drug discovery

Syrrx Inc., a proteomics firm in La Jolla, said it raised $54 million in a third round of private financing, bringing the total amount of money raised to $79 million.

Law---Foley & Lardner growth includes new IP experts

Since August, the Downtown law firm of Foley & Lardner has announced several expansions and mergers, and opened new offices.

Media and Marketing---'Lexus'-famed agency signed to market Rubio's

An El Segundo-based advertising agency best known for developing the Lexus brand is revving its engines on locally based Rubio's Restaurants' $3.5 million account.

Cyber Bucks---Intel continues to expand locally

Intel Corp., which already has a sizable presence of about 480 employees working here at three leased facilities, made plans to consolidate and possibly expand its presence when it acquired 31 acres of land in Scripps Ranch last month.

Editorial---Death knell for energy deregulation

Finally, Gov. Gray Davis has taken off the kid gloves and is ready to do battle over the state's deepening energy crisis. After six months of hand wringing and pleading for help from the paralytic Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Davis has rea

People On The Move

PricewaterhouseCoopers welcomed Cody Smith, Jr. as an audit and business advisory services partner.

High-Tech---Cubic Corp. follows bad news with good

Cubic Defense Systems, a subsidiary of San Diego-based Cubic Corp., has two new contracts and a third in the works. That good news followed on the heels of earlier not-so-good news that put Cubic's stockholders in a funk.

Small Business and Retail---State chamber offers small biz labor law Web site

The California Chamber of Commerce has launched a new human resources Web site to provide information to small businesses to help ensure employers stay in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Monday, January 10

Will E-Commerce Catch on in Europe? Time Will Tell

With few exceptions, Europe has always been a few years behind the United States in the adoption of new information technologies.

Personal Chefs Serve as Substitute for Home Cooking

For today's busy couples and families the thought of coming home to a healthy meal is a lot more enticing than reheating yesterday's pizza or microwaving a frozen dish.

Farm Milk Prices Decreased at New Year

As of Jan. 1, the price paid to dairy farmers for milk dropped to an 11-year low.

Sandag Ignores Crucial East County Road Projects

The San Diego Association of Governments recently released a draft of its latest regional transportation plan that will serve as the guide for funding immediate and future transportation improvements throughout the San Diego region.

Book Gives Business Efficiency Tips

As businesses continue to go global, a San Diego consultant has written "The Universal Competitive Edge for the New Millennium" to help companies improve and continue to provide quality products and customer satisfaction.

Automation Offers Alternative for Ordering Supplies

Purchasing managers at large organizations might argue that the current system of procuring office supplies isn't broken. That's because they've worked with the large office supply firms to establish such innovative systems as next-day delivery, Internet


Buyer: L.A. Apartment Partners purchased a 52-unit apartment complex for $2.35 million.


Sunrise Medical, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets medical products used by the disabled and elderly.

Recognizing the Nobel Prize-Winners in Our Midst

Last month, the Swedish consulate, BIOCOM and 300 guests recognized two Nobel Laureates at the Hotel del Coronado.

Elvis Sighted at King's Birthday Bash

Elvis Presley would have been 65 on Jan. 8, and Dick's Last Resort in Downtown celebrated in a hunka'-hunka'-burnin' way.

Stop Loss Orders Not Practical in Today's Market

Dear George: With stock prices moving so high, isn't it a good idea to use stop-loss orders to protect your profits?

Office Technology:Broadcasts Go Digital to Produce News in a Flash

In the 1987 movie "Broadcast News," one memorable image of the television media was an assistant sprinting through studio halls, videotape in hand, with seconds to go before the story on that tape aired.



Developers Seek OK for Planned Projects

Three land development companies have filed tentative residential subdivision maps with the county in recent weeks for North County properties.

November Saw Drop In Construction Starts

Contracts for new construction in San Diego County and California plunged in November, a statistical reporting company said.

Political Outsider Floods Airwaves in Mayoral Bid

Pete Davis makes no apologies for his deep pockets and isn't ashamed about spending freely to ensure his campaign for mayor gets noticed.

Local Biomed Device Aiding NASA

CardioDynamics International Corp. is banking on space research to bring its heart device into homes on Earth.

Profile Andrew Viterbi

The Quiet Revolutionary Andrew Viterbi, a Former War Refugee, Changed the Way We All Communicate

CD Is an Electronic Orchestra - Musician Mixes Music

Joe Wiedemann is a man of many talents. A Channel 8 news photographer by day, Wiedemann is reproducing his own version of Wall Street's peaks and valleys every chance he gets.

ABOUT the list

Consolidating Equipment Is Expected to Cut Costs Office Machine Companies Offer Combined Products

Technological Tools Key to Successful Presentations

We are constantly reminded of how the Internet is changing the way business is conducted, how powerful the latest computers are, and how wireless technology is changing the world. Equally impressive breakthroughs have also been taking place in presentatio


Any time we have a proposal that requires a massive increase in government debt that will disproportionately burden the citizens, we need to be absolutely sure the people are in favor of it, and not just by a simple majority.

Buildings Equipped With Internet Access, Web-Style Directories

Internet service providers are continually trying to attract customers by offering more than just the 'Net.

Groundbreaking Celebrated

Members of Congregation Beth Israel , San Diego's oldest and largest Jewish congregation , celebrated the groundbreaking for its new $15 million sanctuary, school and multi-use facility in San Diego's Golden Triangle on Jan. 9. The 61,000-square-foot faci

Sun Newspapers Downsizes Its Editorial Staff

Editorial prospects seem a bit clouded for the four Sun Newspapers in North County, whose full-time news staff was recently laid off.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center Plans TechnoVation

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center plans to celebrate 2000 by spotlighting San Diego's most innovative science and technology developments.

Executive Protection Isn't Merely Catching Bullets

Are you about to join the growing number of people receiving executive protection? You might be, because the industry is expanding.

Invitrogen Inks Deal With Novartis Division

Invitrogen Corp. announced it has entered a research collaboration with Novartis Institute for Functional Genomics to further the study of genes.

Qualcomm, Kyocera, Deal Price, Set at $500M

Qualcomm Inc.'s sale of its cell phone manufacturing operations in La Jolla to Kyocera Corp. last month probably garnered about $500 million, although one estimate was as high as $1 billion, according to several analysts.

MBz Cabriolet: Sporty Class With High-Tech Gizmos

Mercedes-Benz has added another exciting convertible to its lineup , a high-performance V-8 version of its popular CLK line that includes both coupes and convertibles.

Economy Bullish Heading Into New Year

San Diego's economy shows no apparent signs of slowing, based on the latest monthly index report.

These Resolutions Bring Resolve to the Job Market

Dear Joyce: In this "anyone can get a job" market, how can I get a better job? And, as the economy is sure to cool off at some point, what should I be doing in my career in anticipation of the days when it won't be so easy to find a good job?

Rescind OSHA's Ruling on Home Offices

The echoes of the New Year celebration had barely faded when business owners were told of a new federal workplace requirement that made their heads ache more than a holiday hangover.

Apartment Association Recognizes Top Complexes

Trieste, managed by ConAm Management Corp. of San Diego, was the best of the biggest apartment complexes in the county this past year, the San Diego County Apartment Association has decided.

Local Bank Is Settling Into a Disappearing Niche in the Community

For those who wonder where all the little locally owned banks went, Frank J. Mercardante has the answer: They were bought up by bigger lenders and their management started new banks.

Dismantled Site Makes Way for Hotel

Later this month, the last vestiges of what was once a publicly traded and thriving shipyard will be auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Software Takes Some of The Paper Out of Work

Although many have proclaimed E-mail and the Internet as the beginning of a paperless society, it has become anything but that.

Initiative Spurs Suits By Padres and City Hall

San Diego city attorneys and the Padres filed separate suits last week asking the court to halt an initiative campaign seeking to overturn the city's ballpark agreement.

San Diego Lender Assists Underserved Borrowers

After getting rejected for a line of credit from a bank, Danny Rieger doubted he would ever get the kind of help he needed to grow his business.

Saturday, January 8

Online---Software fulfills demand for personalized Web sites

Predicting trends in the notoriously fickle world of the Internet and high-technology is not easy and recent history is strewn with the tarnished reputations of those who have tried and failed.

Lead---Office furniture makes a first impression

Time was, office space was just that , space. White-walled cubicles were the norm, and it didn't really matter what the conference room table looked like or where the reception desk was located.

Construction---Information tools reshape construction industry

Software is getting smarter, giving us back precious time that was previously spent less efficiently. With the help of e-mail, the Internet and project management software, we are able to spend more time doing what matters.

Tourism---SeaWorld launches 'fun pass' promotion

SeaWorld San Diego's new "fun pass" , a program in which visitors buy a ticket between Jan. 6 and March 31 and use it on almost an unlimited basis through the end of the year , is expected to significantly boost the park's visitor count.

Monday, January 3

Cautious Optimism Replaces the Gloom Over Biotech

Local experts predict new strategies on the horizon, such as developing more local collaborations to pool instead of compete for research dollars.

Collins Begins Work on New Branch Library

Crews from Collins General Contractors of San Diego are under way building the Mission Valley branch of the San Diego Public Library.

Design Firms Wrap Up Jobs

Three construction design firms report they've finished drawings in recent weeks for local commercial real estate projects.

Cleaning a Criminal Record Can Be Accomplished

Dear Joyce: Your column, "Will Felony Background Haunt Her Forever?" and your later one mentioning "expungement" as a record-cleaner was excellent. All of us are grateful to companies that give these young people who have made mistakes a break. Job change

Survey Polls 10 Industries

For the 10th consecutive year, the San Diego Business Journal has teamed with the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche LLC to take the economic pulse of San Diego's business community.

Confidence Drops in Local Political Leadership

With the local economy surging, unemployment at historic lows and stocks at some companies soaring beyond even the wildest optimist's dreams, those sitting in elected offices must be thrilled.

Business Looks Good to Retailers and Wholesalers

Overall, retailers and wholesalers have a good outlook on sales and the economy for the coming year and believe that E-commerce and Y2K will have a minor impact on their prospects.

Outlook Mixed for Defense Firms in Year 2000

The 1990s brought much change in the defense industry , layoffs, budget cuts, consolidations, and then a rebirth.

Community Groups Seek Candidates

About 40 San Diego community planning groups will hold elections for vacant board seats in March.

Little Stands in the Way of Construction Boom

San Diego County's real estate and construction industry leaders see about the same amount of business coming their way this year as in the past year.

2000: The Economic Best of '99 and More

Welcome to the new century. The sky didn't fall, our economy didn't cave in and our debt didn't disappear either , so in other words, just another basic New Year's celebration.

Low Unemployment Affects Firms' Work Force

Hiring plans for the coming year seems to reflect the shrinking pool of qualified job candidates and companies' efforts to manage their growth rates.

When Choosing a Broker, Do Your Homework

Dear George: I want to use a financial planner to help me in the new year. How do I find a good one?

The Sun Still Shines in San Diego

While local executives may not expect the kind of rapid expansion seen in recent years, they still expect 2000 and its immediate successors to be good business years for the region.

Century of Triumph, Millennium of Challenge

The close of the 20th century is a crossroads at which we take a reflective pause and look back at the evolution of our society over the past hundred years to get some sense of our future. For those of us in education, it is an opportunity to both see how



Golf Club Maker Ordered to Pay Taxes on Court Award

WASHINGTON , After Steven F. Cade lost in U.S. Tax Court here, his lawyer said he would take another swing in higher courts.

Smaller Firms Reap Benefits of Exporting Goods

San Diego companies, particularly those in high-tech manufacturing industries, continued to benefit from a surge in global trade.

Growth Doesn't Necessarily Mean Hiring Workers

I work in a "high-tech" building. It's filled with software companies, E-commerce start-ups, and venture investors. As you might expect, it's also filled with exuberance and excitement.

Mission: Building Technology's Perfect Climate

Wireless phones with real-time stock quotes and football scores. E-mail access from anywhere in the world. Digital cameras. Revolutionary technologies springing to life , changing the way we work, live and play. These are exciting times.

Providing Care to Uninsured Remains a Challenge

Local experts say San Diego's leaders and health care providers will be faced with greater challenges in the years to come.

An Election to Kick Off the New Year

By this time next year, we will have elected the millennium's first president. We also will greet a new Congress, as well as welcome new members to the state Assembly and Senate.

Online Banking Appears to Be Wave of the Future

E-commerce is making an impact on the local finance industry, whose leaders see the coming year as about the same for their general business activities as it was in 1999.

Services Industries Expect More Prosperity in 2000

Expect few changes for the service and professional industries in 2000, predicted industry leaders in the 10th Annual Deloitte & Touche/San Diego Business Journal Economic Outlook Survey.

Record Highs Predicted for Local Tourism

With an attractive economic climate expected for the first year of the millennium, San Diego's tourism business is likely to reach record highs, industry insiders say.


Aurora Biosciences Corp. designs, develops and sells proprietary drug discovery systems, services and technologies to accelerate and enhance the discovery of new medicines by the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

New Millennium Spawns New Electronics Gadgets

The local electronics and manufacturing industry has a cure for the Y2K hangover: A dose of high-tech devices.

Analyzing Work and Integrity at the Century's Turn

The new workplace is gaining in integrity. Companies are helping employees find fulfillment, even when companies have no payoff.

Lincoln LS Is Best Value in the Luxury Field

The dream of almost every domestic auto manufacturer has been the vision of an American luxury sedan going toe-to-toe with the high-visibility European sports sedans. There have been many models cast in this mode over the last decade or two from Buick, Ol

Saturday, January 1

Technology---Photogenix developing new niche for digital pix

The crucial moment arrives and the person holding the digital camera commits the scene to electronic memory. Done.

Technology---New clusters of tech firms expected to migrate here in 2001

Thoughts of expansion , both economic expansion and the potential to occupy more carpet and cubicles , still occupy the minds of electronics and manufacturing executives as they head into 2001.

Real Estate & Construction---Local builders untroubled by nation's economic warnings

San Diego's slow recovery from the early 1990s recession is expected to help the county's real estate and construction industries through the current national economic slowdown, several business leaders said.

People On The Move

Community National Bank has promoted Angie Hudelson to vice president and has hired John Rife as SBA sales vice president/loan officer. Susie Snow has joined Rancho Santa Fe National Bank as vice president and personal banking officer. Jose M. Esquer has

New EDC Logo Reflects Tech Vision

The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. is sporting a new logo that's a reflection of recent reorganization, a spokeswoman said.

Tourism---Visitor industry forecast: Expansion at a moderate pace

Tourism: Disneyland, Convention Center Openings Bright Spots Among Clouds

Biotech---Firm follows IBM lead in local biotech investment

Invitrogen Eyes Future as Global Market Leader in Molecular Biology Supplies

Energy---Documents, handwritten notes led to lawsuits alleging energy firm collusion

Documents turned over to an attorney during an earlier lawsuit are what led a team of attorneys to file two class-action suits against San Diego-based Sempra Energy and Houston-based El Paso Energy last month.

CyberBucks---Golf Web site sinks into eternal sand trap

Despite $120 Million in Venture Captial Funding, Medibuy Cuts Staff By 70 People

Health Care---Health care industry ills expected to get worse

Health Care: Insurance Woes, Personnel Shortages Expected to Plague Industry

Labor---Local firms look at raising wages, boosting staffs

An overwhelming majority of local businesses are projecting such financial success in 2001 that more, higher-priced employees will be needed.

Defense---Increased Spawar budget to favorably impact local firms

Defense: Greater Demands for Satellite Communications Systems Keeps Industry Busy

Real Estate---Residential vacancy rates down to 1.4 percent

Residential landlords in the county are benefiting from sharply higher rents and brisk apartment sales, two real estate brokerages said.

Ex-Pilot Hopes to Break Ground in Laser Treatments

After 10 years of accompanying pilots in F/A-18 Hornets, Top Gun school flight surgeon and instructor Dr. Jackson Streeter sought a career change that let him keep his feet on the ground.

Finance---Bankers see a slowdown in San Diego's future

Local finance industry leaders foresee a stagnant or moderately slowing San Diego County economy in 2001, prompted mainly by tighter credit and higher interest rates over the past three years that are finally cooling things down.



Biocom Honors Seven Local Nobel Prize Winners

San Diego not only likely has the highest concentration of sailboats per capita, it is also home to more Nobel Prize winners in science than anywhere on the planet , seven to be exact, according to Biocom San Diego, the trade group representing the local

Editorial---Spend defense dollars with care

The conclusion of the most exasperating presidential election in our history has no doubt bolstered the confidence of those involved in the defense industry.

E-Commerce---2001 a survival of fittest challenge for dot-coms

E-Commerce: New Economy Must Learn Lessons, Strategies From the Old Economy

Lead Story---Rising energy and housing costs dim executives' optimism

That seems to describe the feeling of local business leaders responding to the 11th Annual San Diego Business Journal/Deloitte & Touche Economic Outlook Survey.

Ballpark---Business community stands behind stadium project

Ballpark: Redevelopment, Investment Prospects Override Legal and Financing Issues

Small Business and Retail---Rising interest rates spell trouble for small business

Rising interest rates spell trouble for small business. So said Raymond J. Keating, chief economist with the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group Small Business Survival Committee. The SBSC released a report Dec. 14 showing how Federal Reserve policy and

Government---Elections restore air of confidence at City Hall

Government: Challenges Remain for Agencies to Work Toward Regional Planning Process

Biotech---Industry may face uphill climb after successful year

Biotech raised more than $30 billion in 2000, according to an Ernst & Young industry report.

Service---Service industry expects to stay on an even keel

The economic outlook for the service and professional industry in 2001 calls for things to remain about the same as in years past.


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Trade---Manufacturers, other firms ride high on export sales

Although actual numbers were unavailable from the federal government, San Diego companies, particularly those in high-tech manufacturing, continued to boost their sales from increased exports to overseas markets.

Media---Radio ownership limits unlikely to affect San Diego

Although significant changes could take place in the way that the Federal Communications Commission sets ownership limits for stations in the country's radio markets, it is unlikely to affect San Diego.

Retail---Low consumer confidence plagues retail industry

Retail: Energy and Housing Costs, Unstable Stock Market Affecting Buyers' Moods

Law---New Year adds new laws to the state books

Several new laws implemented statewide will affect many employees. One is the approved minimum wage increase.

Commentary---Regional cooperation is key issue for New Year

As we begin 2001, many of the officials representing our region are newly elected or beginning new terms.

Children's Clothing Store a Good Fit for Downtown

Nearly two years ago, the now 24-year-old Chelsea Broady took a risk starting an upscale children's boutique in Downtown San Diego.



Publisher's Notebook---2001: An economic odyssey or oddity?

Well here it is 2001. I hope everyone of you had a nice holiday season to relax and recharge your batteries. We all lived through the first year of a new millennium, even though many were convinced that Y2K would terminate us all.

High-Tech---Old West, New Economy meet over spectrum bids

The way Harvey White describes it, the scramble for wireless spectrum is part 21st century telecom phenomenon and part old West poker game. He doesn't use the metaphor himself, but his talk calls to mind cowboys around a table in a dusty saloon, giving ea