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Here’s How Much Illumina’s 5 Highest-Paid Executives Earned

The five highest-paid executives at Illumina Inc. each pulled in over $2 million in compensation last year, with an average of $4 million each.

That average is a tad skewed, however, considering Illumina’s president and CEO brought in a total compensation of $8.4 million. Total compensation can include things such as salary, bonus, stock awards, options awards, non-equity incentive plan compensation and all other compensation.

Illumina is one of San Diego’s largest public companies, with a market cap of $27 billion. It reported $2.4 billion in revenue in 2016. The company is the largest maker of DNA sequencing machines in the world, and employs 5,500 globally and at least 1,500 employees in San Diego.

Here are Illumina’s five highest-paid officials in 2016 (with titles as listed at the time), according to documents filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this month:

Francis deSouza, President and CEO

Salary: $799,558

Total: $8,408,833

Jay Flatley, Executive Chairman (former CEO)

Salary: $771,154

Total: $2,991,901

Marc Staplely, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Salary: $540,000

Total: $2,856,621

Omead Ostadan, Executive Vice President, Operations, Products and Strategy

Salary: $528,486

Total: $2,840,102

Mostafa Ronaghi, Senior Vice President, Clinical Genomics

Salary: $438,623

Total: $3,451,444


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