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Wearable Wellness Tech Company Strikes $35M Deal

MEDTECH: Partnership with Indian Telehealth Firm

Local neurotech wellness startup Roga has secured a multimillion-dollar partnership with GlobalSpace, India’s first telehealth company. The $35 million contract signals Roga’s first major healthcare deal, as well as its first step toward offering white-label services on a global scale.

Ami Lebendiker

“Partnering with healthcare providers and companies has always been part of Roga’s vision, as has been making our devices available to people outside the U.S.” said Roga CEO Ami Lebendiker. “Stress is a global epidemic. Poor mental health is affecting people’s quality of life around the world. We intend to be able to help people wherever they are, and today’s partnership with one of the leading telehealthcare companies in India is a step in that direction.”

A study published in Lancet Psychiatry 2020 revealed that mental disorders are among the leading causes of non-fatal disease burden in India. According to a study from Delhi-based mental health service platform The Center of Healing, 74% of Indians have been suffering from stress and 88% have been experiencing anxiety since the pandemic.

Nerve Stimulation

Roga’s signature wearable device sits behind the ears like a pair of headphones and emits a gentle electrical signal called Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS).

“The efficacy of PNS in stress management is grounded in scientific literature,” added Lebendiker. “Roga has conducted user research showing significant efficacy in reducing stress and burnout symptoms. We’re currently partnering with the University of Waterloo for two separate clinical trials to further validate and advance the technology.”

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The device plugs into any phone and runs on an accompanying app. Since it’s not a pharmaceutical intervention, no prescription is needed. “We recognize that pharmaceutical interventions have their place and can be beneficial in certain extreme cases. However, there’s a concerning trend in the U.S. of over-prescription. We want to help those who might benefit from a non-invasive alternative,” he added.

The Partnership

Under the agreement, GlobalSpace and Roga will create a new platform exclusively for India called GoRoga where GlobalSpace’s 50,000 healthcare professionals can refer thousands of patients to the Roga device.

Krishna Singh

“Because Roga targets the physiological symptoms of stress, this can help complement talk therapy and other methods to create a more well-rounded approach to supporting patients’ mental health,” GlobalSpace CEO Krishna Singh said. “This means patients will be able to access physician care, virtual talk therapy, and the Roga device.”

The two companies met in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where GlobalSpace was looking for new mental health tech to be incorporated into its telehealth platform.

Earlier this year, Roga announced it would begin its B2B corporate partnerships program to offer its devices to companies’ employees through benefits packages. It also began its D2C program in late 2022, allowing customers to purchase Roga products directly from the company.

Roga’s backed by healthtech venture capitalists. “We are in the process of finalizing our fundraising round and will share more details shortly,” added Lebendiker.

Rooted in Holistic Intervention

The company was founded in 2020 and officially launched in 2022.

“Roga was born out of personal necessity,” Lebendiker shared. In fact, he said that he and co-founding neuroscientist Dr. Alison Smith, PhD developed the initial prototype for their personal use. After seeing promising results, they started sharing it with friends before creating Roga.

“We’re pioneering the integration of neurostimulation, advanced AI language models, and mental health. Our product not only targets the physiological symptoms of stress but also offers personalized treatment through relatable and helpful content on the app,” he added.


CEO: Ami Lebendiker
BUSINESS: Neurotech wellness
WEBSITE: rogalife.com
CONTACT: info@rogalife.com or 510-817-2218
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