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TNL, Swiss Biopharma Collab

BIOTECH: Digital Cell Clones for Cancer Drugs

SAN DIEGO – Local AI digital cell clone lab ThinkingNodeLife.ai (TNL) has announced a partnership with privately-held Swiss pharmaceutical company Debiopharm aimed at advancing the development of a cutting-edge cancer drug.

Dr. Bertrand Ducrey, PhD

“We’re intrigued to discover what this collaboration with [TNL] will bring to the advancement of our oncology drug programs,” said Dr. Bertrand Ducrey, PhD, CEO of Debiopharm. “Integrating AI-powered solutions into our research processes, such as TNL’s AI-Enabled Digital Cells Lab platform, aligns with our aim to adopt smarter practices in our R&D, in order to broaden drug application to more cancer types and speed up the time it takes to bring new drugs to patients.”

“We were in discussion with Debiopharm for more than a year prior to the partnership,” TNL Founder & CEO Dr. Khai Minh Pham, MD, PhD wrote to the Business Journal. “Money is one thing, but for a highly respected company like Debiopharm to partner with a new technology — including an announcement from their CEO — reflects a high level of confidence.”

Human Digital Cell Clones

Carmel Mountain-based TNL states it’s the first so-called AI human digital cell clone lab at scale, generating any human digital cell clones within just two hours to enable the prediction and mechanistic understanding of the impact that drugs have on a cellular level.
“To put a new drug on the market, on average, takes 10 years, costs $2.6 billion, and has a 4% chance of success,” added Dr. Pham.

Dr. Khai Minh Pham, MD, PhD
Founder & CEO
ThinkingNodeLife.ai (TNL)

“Most AI drug R&D companies are focusing on accelerating drug discovery to improve this unsustainable situation. However, the longest and most expensive part of drug R&D is the drug development phases that test the impact of the drug on humans (i.e. the response of the cell to the drug). What if it’s possible to simulate the human cells’ responses to the drug from the very beginning?”
TNL reports that its human digital cell clones can also be used to identify novel biological targets for diseases by comparing healthy digital cell clones with sick ones.

“For one of its pharma clients, TNL has discovered novel targets for the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD – $20+ billion market size in 2022) in just four months,” shared Dr. Pham. “For another customer, the human digital cell clones have been successfully used to predict drug response to cancer drugs by using digital cell clones that represent responsive cells and non-responsive cells as reference digital cells to be compared ( approximately 89% correct prediction).”

Details have not been shared regarding Debiopharm’s drug or the type of cancer it targets.

The pharma firm’s partnership with TNL plans to focus on using digital cell clones to combine and compare drugs to understand and validate the mechanism of action (allowing Debiopharm to assess its cancer drug against other existing cancer treatments) and identify predictive biomarkers for clinical trials.

“All this is possible based on TNL novel Generative Distributed Reasoning AI (GDR-AI) that employs Distributed Reasoning AI instead of statistical machine learning to generate Reasoning Networkstm of causal mechanistic models,” added Dr. Pham.
TNL declined to disclose its current valuation or names of other clients besides Debiopharm, citing confidentiality concerns, but shared that it’s actively searching for Series A funding now that the platform is fully operational with additional applications expected this year.

“In the next nine months, we expect to have major announcements in pharma and AI drug R&D partners,” he added. “In 5 years, any drug R&D program should be using human digital cell clone simulations with digital knockdowns to predict and understand the impact of drugs before preclinical or clinical testing to better develop both first and best-in class drugs.”

FOUNDER & CEO: Dr. Khai Minh Pham, MD, PhD
BUSINESS: AI for biotech, biopharma applications
WEBSITE: thinkingnodelife.ai
CONTACT: stephenleider@thinkingnodelife.ai
NOTABLE: TNL showcased the first AI human digital clone tech during January’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, one of the industry’s largest symposiums connecting global health leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative tech creators and members of the investment community.


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