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Working for a Living Pays Better Elsewhere

The San Diego area has long had a reputation of paying its workers less than other parts of the country, and a Sept. 24 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed this.

The report found the county’s average weekly wage in the fourth quarter of 2006 was $922, below the $987 weekly average for California, but above the weekly average of $861 for the nation.

Of the nation’s 325 largest counties, San Diego’s average weekly wage ranked it 70th. The wage increased 3.6 percent from the prior year’s fourth quarter.

No surprise on where workers earn the most in California , the Bay Area, the location of six of the state’s seven counties where the weekly average exceeded $1,000.

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Santa Clara County issued the largest weekly average paychecks in the state at $1,569. Its average was second in the United States, trailing only the New York City region’s average of $1,781.

Other counties in California averaging above a grand a week were San Francisco ($1,460); San Mateo ($1,402); Marin ($1,148); Alameda ($1,106); Contra Costa ($1,057); and Los Angeles ($1,011).

The statewide average wage of $987 was $126 above the national average and ranked California in sixth place nationally. The District of Columbia was No. 1 with an average of $1,424 per week.

The next highest states for average weekly wages were New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

On the bright side, San Diegans were making much more on average than their working brethren in North Dakota ($643), Mississippi ($630), Montana ($625) and South Dakota ($614). Then again, the median price for a detached single-family home in those states is nowhere near the median of $580,000 (in August) for a house in this county.

, Mike Allen


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