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Quote of the Week

‘But business is business everywhere you go. Everyone just wants to make a little money, and that’s what it’s all about.’

, Maquiladora owner Chuck Peinado.

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Friday, Jan. 26

Qualcomm ‘Disappointed’:

A federal court jury in San Diego found that Irvine-based Broadcom Corp. did not infringe two patents owned by Qualcomm Inc. The patents relate to video encoding.

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The jury also gave two advisory opinions that, in Broadcom’s view, cast Qualcomm’s conduct in a bad light.

Broadcom said in a statement that Qualcomm “engaged in inequitable conduct and abused industry standards.”

In a statement, Qualcomm said the issue was whether Qualcomm had waived rights to enforce its patents, and had engaged in conduct that would render the patents unenforceable. Qualcomm’s general counsel said in a statement that he disagreed with the two advisory votes and that company officials “are quite disappointed” with them.

Ultimately, a judge makes the decision on the topics of the two advisory votes, Qualcomm’s statement said.

The case is part of several cases involving Broadcom and Qualcomm. On a wider scale, Qualcomm is fighting battles with more than a half-dozen other companies, both in courtrooms and before government bodies in North America, Europe and Asia. The battles concern intellectual property, antitrust issues and fair trade.

, Brad Graves

Monday, Jan. 29

Governor Stumps For Health Plan:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger met with San Diego business leaders at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce to get feedback on his health care initiative to ensure coverage for all Californians.

The round-table discussion included representatives from a broad spectrum of businesses , professional services, life sciences, food service, technology and tourism.

Calling the current health care system “dysfunctional,” Schwarzenegger said, “We should not have a situation where someone that is uninsured just goes and uses the doctor’s office and the emergency rooms, and then we all have to pay for it. That is the hidden tax, and that is what we want to eliminate.”

Ruben Barrales, chamber president and chief executive officer, termed the confab “a fruitful, thought-provoking session on a revolutionary effort to solve the health care crisis.”

, Pat Broderick

Wednesday, Jan. 31

Deep Cuts At Ligand:

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc., a San Diego public company developing a variety of new drugs to treat different diseases, slashed 267 people, or about 76 percent of its total staff.

Following the cuts, Ligand said its head count will be about 85 people, down from the current 352 workers.

Among the affected employees are 62 staffers who will be offered jobs with King Pharmaceuticals Inc. once that firm completes a planned purchase of Ligand’s Avinza pain drug division.

The laid-off workers include 40 designated as home office employees, and 23 employees whose service ended at the start of 2007.

Chief Financial Officer Paul Maier also resigned his position, and was replaced by Tod Mertes, Ligand’s corporate controller.

Ligand said it began a restructuring process in December after selling its oncology division, and the sale-leaseback of its facilities. The initial cuts inflicted last month by Ligand affected 63 positions.

Chief Executive Officer John L. Higgins, who took over earlier this month, said the cuts were necessary to transform the business.

, Mike Allen

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Big Year For Cymer:

Cymer Inc., a San Diego maker of excimer laser light sources used in semiconductor manufacturing, reported fourth-quarter net income of $25.4 million on revenue of $137.4 million.

The quarterly net profit was up 45 percent from 2005’s fourth quarter, while the revenue increase was 34 percent above that in the like period of 2005.

For the full year, Cymer reported net income of $95.6 million, up 105 percent compared with the prior year. Annual revenue was $543.8 million, up 42 percent from the total in 2005.

“2006 was far and away the best year in Cymer’s history in meeting our customers’ needs and by virtually every financial metric,” said Chief Executive Officer Bob Akins.

, Mike Allen

Thursday, Feb. 1

Dry Dock In Demand:

Nassco, the San Diego shipbuilding unit of General Dynamics, announced it received a seven-year ship maintenance contract for six Navy amphibious assault ships that could be worth $400 million.

, Mike Allen


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