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UCSD Medical Center Expands Neonatal Unit

A new neonatal intensive care unit at the UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest opened April 2.

The $2.6 million expansion on the fourth floor will add beds for nine babies to complement the main neonatal ICU on the second floor, said Neil Finer, director of neonatology.

Childs Mascari Warner Architects, based in San Diego’s Little Italy, designed the project; Turner Construction Co. of Seattle served as general contractor for the 1,795-square-foot project.

The main unit has 40 beds but as the number of complicated births has grown, the medical center decided to expand on-site, according to Finer. Original facilities were built in the 1970s.

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“We had cramped quarters,” he said. “… There was a need for a huge overhaul but it was a question of timing.”

The neonatal unit employs 150, including nurses.

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IBM, PPH Announce Purchase Of IT System:

Palomar Pomerado Health installed an $800,000 virtual storage system developed by IBM Corp. a year and a half ago, the Armonk, New York-based tech giant will announce this week.

The system, purchased from IBM, will allow PPH to use an electronic medical records system for the first time because of its increased security, according to IBM.

With the IT upgrade in place, the North County health care system plans to introduce a physician order entry program next year. Only 10 percent of physicians in the nation use the program, according to Marissa Benekos, a spokeswoman for the IBM Systems & Technology Group.

IBM’s SAN Volume Controller was selected, in particular, because of “its ability to manage large amounts of data spread across multiple SAN Storage Systems and has the ability to handle virtual devices, not physical devices,” said Paul Engberg, director of technical services at PPH, in an e-mail.

Future plans also allow for a second SAN system in case of disaster.

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