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The Jayne Hancock Group Buys Townsend Inc. in a $2 Million Deal

The Jayne Hancock Group has acquired 14-year-old Townsend Inc., and formed JHG-Townsend, which represents the combined forces of the two public relations agencies.

The value of the transaction, announced earlier this month, exceeds $2 million in a combination of cash, stock and incentives during the next three years, according to Jackie Townsend Konstanturos, 53, who will take on the title of executive vice president, and Jayne Hancock, 50, who will serve as chief executive officer.

The reason for the merger was to have the communications and public relations strengths of Townsend Inc. as well as the marketing expertise of the Jayne Hancock Group under one company banner, the pair said.

Townsend Inc. and the Jayne Hancock Group shared space in their Sorrento Mesa offices and collaborated on various client services and campaigns for the past couple years.

Their joint client list included San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc. R & D;, Qualcomm MediaFlo USA , a cell phone which incorporates TV , Toshiba, Comcast, Continuous Computing, Sequoia Communications, SEMDirector, National University, Visual Sciences Inc. and the Rady School of Business at UC San Diego.

Townsend Inc. and the Jayne Hancock Group each had 22 employees, and none will lose their jobs, Townsend Konstanturos said. Also serving on the executive team of JHG-Townsend is Elizabeth Estes-Cooper, a former news-talk programming director for Clear Channel Colorado, who will serve as an executive vice president.

The San Diego Business Journal ranks Townsend Inc. No. 7 on its current Public Relations Agencies List, with adjusted gross income of $2.06 million for fiscal year 2006. Townsend ranks among 15 of the county’s top public relations agencies, up from 10th place based on 2005 income.

The two entities combined are projected to reach $6 million in 2007, not including revenue from advertising buys.

Townsend Inc.’s focus has been primarily on communications, marketing and brand strategy, planning and development for the technology, health and life sciences industries.

“We’ve taken a lot of companies through the rigors of an IPO (initial public offering), through their growing pains and even through re-branding a few years later,” said Townsend Konstanturos. “With the digital revolution, there has been a seismic shift in the way business gets done.

“Companies, including our own, must evolve and adapt and, more importantly, anticipate the technology and societal changes yet to come.”

The Jayne Hancock Group’s focus has been on marketing and Internet technologies, as well as packaging produced programming for “multi-channel” entities such as Comcast, Rogers Communications, Cox Communications, Qualcomm’s MediaFlo, CFL Toronto Argonauts and SponsorHouse.com.

Multi-channel entities refers to communications companies with several delivery sources, such as television programming that can be sent to mobile electronic devices, including cell phones.

“With the explosion of digital marketing and technology, this merger couldn’t come at a better time,” Hancock said. “I’ve always had the utmost respect for Jackie and what she has accomplished over the past 14 years.

“Going forward, our new company, with an impressive team of talented professionals and a wealth of business experience, will empower our clients to not only be heard, but to succeed in an increasingly noisy and digital marketplace.”


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