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Technology Rapid pace of e-learning offers competitive advantages

A new year traditionally inspires us to look into the future, from both a personal and business perspective. Resolutions are made, goals are set, and we evaluate what we do and the way we do it.

A recent quote in e-Learning Magazine stated: “E-learning is not like other industries , it is one of the most revolutionary tools since the Internet, and it is going to change everything. We cannot look at the future of e-learning, because e-learning is the future. E-learning represents everything going forward in training and learning at all levels; it keeps employees and individuals on the cutting edge of the information exchange; and it is changing the way businesses evolve and communicate around the world. In the e-learning industry, the future is now.”

So, what’s so great about e-Learning?

Two of the most compelling reasons for moving forward with e-Learning include the ability to deal with rapid change and to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Traditional methods which include classroom training and “trickle down” communication are neither fast nor accurate enough.

– Individuals Can Raise Performance

Improving individual performance can create a 20 percent or better improvement in an organization’s competitive position. Organizations such as Disney and Federal Express demonstrated this growth by setting up systems to deliver the exact knowledge and skills each individual needed in the right way, at the right time.

Achieving that goal efficiently, cost-effectively and consistently is the promise of e-Learning.

E-Learning provides much more than an alternative to a traditional classroom where you might receive application training. As organizations become more aware of knowledge as a key asset, live e-Learning is becoming the new method for transferring that knowledge.

In fact, it is estimated that organizations will spend nearly $1 billion this year on tools designed to replace traditional presentations and training with on-demand media, enabling organizations to record and re-use knowledge “chunks.”

Consider the time and effort it takes to physically set up a simple seminar-style presentation. You have to reserve a room, set-up the equipment, obtain overhead presentation equipment or a really large monitor, set-up and tear down the room, deal with lighting , well, you get the idea.

– Simplicity Of Virtual Classrooms

With e-Learning, you simply log into your virtual classroom at the time of the session , you might want to grab a cup of coffee first. Later, if you either missed the session or want a quick review, “taped” sessions can be viewed at your leisure. If follow-up or brainstorming sessions are needed, you can simply schedule another session.

The days of running from workstation to workstation answering many of the same questions are no longer necessary.

Originally, based upon client requests, we began looking for alternative training methods that could meet their training needs, reach more users in different locations, and decrease the costs associated with traditional training. We ended up with both a good training and support solution for our clients, as well as a solution that increased our organizational efficiency, improved productivity and accelerated our key business processes.

Our library of training “quick takes” is continually expanding. We rarely do any type of training session without taping , by request. By taping the session, they can go back for review and really focus on the concepts, rather than worrying about taking extensive, step-by-step notes.

Heafey is president and CEO of Executive Assistance Integration.


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