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Software Takes Some of The Paper Out of Work

ClickBook Is a Publishing, Organizational Tool

Although many have proclaimed E-mail and the Internet as the beginning of a paperless society, it has become anything but that.

The average office worker in America uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year, according to research conducted by Salt Lake City-based Blue Squirrel.

The company was originally headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., which has contributed to a strong customer base in the state. Thirty percent of customers hail from California and account for about 10 percent of nationwide sales, according to Sheri Paddock, director of marketing for Blue Squirrel.

The 5-year-old company markets and develops software that manages online content. In December, the company released the latest version of its No. 1 seller, ClickBook 2000.

The program was designed to allow users to print in a variety of formats while saving paper, too.

ClickBook allows users to print multiple documents in a variety of formats as one document. Users can print their documents in different layouts including booklets, trifolds, or double-sided books.

The program automatically sizes, rotates and aligns the documents to fit the chosen format. Although a document cannot be edited using ClickBook, users can move documents around, add borders and page numbers, insert blank pages, and add a table of contents.

According to Paddock, people can save an average of 50 percent to 75 percent of their paper by using the program.

– Offices Can

Save On Paper

Offices can cut the amount of paper used in half of its employees print on both sides of the paper instead of just one. Printing in booklet form can save even more paper, she said.

In addition to saving on the cost of paper, businesses can also save money on toner and printer cartridges, and storage, Paddock said.

Paddock said that ClickBook has received an excellent response, especially from educators and businesses that have used it.

ClickBook has 75,000 customers worldwide and accounts for 25 to 30 percent of the company’s sales. Blue Squirrel generates between $1 million and $1.5 million in sales annually, Paddock said.

The software’s popularity can be attributed in part to the growing number of people with printers, she said. “I think more people have printers than are connected to the Internet. ClickBook is the only program we offer in which you don’t have to have an Internet connection.”

“It’s an excellent printer add-on. People are always wanting to publish their works or writings or findings in a different way and this helps,” Paddock said.

– Program Can Be

An Organizing Tool

The program can also be used as an organizational tool. “The Web has just created a huge amount of information. Sifting through it and keeping things for yourself becomes extremely hard and difficult. When you can easily pick and choose pages you want and print them all out at once, it becomes so much easier,” she said.

Simplicity has also been a key ingredient in the recipe for ClickBook’s success, she said. The latest version of ClickBook was designed with an interface that has “the look and feel of Windows 98,” she said.

Paddock also said that users do not need to dig around the program to print a document. “Everything you need to print a document, in any layout, is right there on the front screen.”

Although ClickBook has competitors, Paddock said they are few and that they don’t offer some of their features.

The old version of the program received good reviews from PC Magazine and Wired magazine and Paddock said she receives favorable comments from customers.


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