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SMALL BUSINESS–Mentus Handbook Provides Clues to Finding Capital

Women in Business Conference Offers

Motivation, Inspiration

Mentus Inc., a San Diego-based strategic marketing company, has released a handbook which will assist emerging companies looking for venture capital.

“The Entrepreneur’s Handbook for Raising Capital” provides guidance on funding, business plans, types of capital, public planning and strategic technology marketing , along with a list of significant venture capitalists in the western United States.

Who, when and how to bring investors in to kick-start or sustain growth is a decision all entrepreneurs must make at some point, and they must be armed with the appropriate information every step of the way, said Guy Iannuzzi, president of Mentus.

The handbook provides that information. Written by business advisers and experts, venture capitalists, and successful entrepreneurs, the book contains not only advice, but also a list of more than 200 venture capital firms specializing in health care, high-technology, life sciences, consumer services, equipment and chemical manufacturing firms.

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“I have observed how the San Diego area has benefited from the record amounts of venture capital that has and continues to flow into the region , a real testament to San Diego’s leadership in exciting technology industries like telecommunications and biotechnology.”

Dante Fichera agreed.

As managing director of Ventureplex, a San Diego-based incubator, he signed on as co-founder and co-editor of the handbook.

“Venture capitalists are difficult to access, and they are extremely choosy and demanding in the enterprises they seek,” he said. “This handbook is truly a resource for entrepreneurs, as raising capital is a life-or-death proposition.”

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Inspirational Seminar: Women business owners and consultants are invited to what is being billed as an “inspirational” and “motivating” seminar.

Women in Business 2000 will be held May 18 at the Morgan Run Resort & Club in Rancho Santa Fe. The all-day event will feature more than a dozen prominent women business leaders, said Sheila McDonnell, founder for Women in Business.

The seminar will feature opening remarks by county Supervisor Pam Slater. The keynote speaker will be Mary-Ellen Drummond, author of “A Woman’s Way to Success in Business,” while many of the 34 prominent women Drummond interviewed for the book will also be present.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Drummond’s “Fearless and Flawless Public Speaking.”

Attendees at the event are also invited to donate their old cellular phones for charity. As part of a joint effort between “Good Morning America” and Motorola, these phones will be programmed with local emergency numbers for use by women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.

The networking seminar is being sponsored by Women in Business members Sheila McDonnell and Betty Blair, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Cynthia Bolker, and the Del Mar Times.

A San Diego-based footwear retailer has formed a partnership with a national magazine to launch a new online venture.

Road Runner Sports Inc., founded in 1984, has grown to become the nation’s top seller of running shoes, clothes and accessories. It reaches more than 4 million customers a year through its catalog and Web site. Now they have joined with Reader’s Digest-owned Walking magazine in launching a new Web site dedicated to selling shoes specifically for fitness walkers.

The new site, walkingshop.com, is designed to fulfill what the site’s promoters say is an unmet need.

“Given the size of the walking market and the fact that there are many well-designed walking shoes being produced, it is surprising that only a limited number of models are usually found at retail,” said Seth Bauer, editor-in-chief of Walking. “Often, a consumer’s best bet is to buy online.”

The two parties are jointly marketing the site through promotions in Road Runner Sports catalogs, Walking magazine and the Web site, as well as other Reader’s Digest publications.

Mike Gotfredson, Road Runner Sports president, is glad for the opportunity to work with the Reader’s Digest name.

“We are honored to provide out E-commerce expertise to a leader like Reader’s Digest.”

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