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Question: How do I get employees to care about the bottom line?


It’s tempting to think your employees just don’t care about the bottom line, but since they all have mortgages to pay, kids to feed and retirement plans to fund, you know that can’t be true.

The problem isn’t a lack of motivation; it’s a lack of focus.

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Here are some ways to get your employees focused on those areas that truly matter:

– Streamline your processes.

Are your employees hindered by unnecessary paperwork?

Do they go to upper-management to ask permission for things they could easily do themselves?

These are all problems in your processes themselves, and all they do is waste your employees’ time and your company’s money.

Implement dashboards that look across departments. A major roadblock to any company’s success is its employees’ tendency to get stuck in their own silos.

One way to draw them out is to create dashboards that show the relationships between departments.

These dashboards will allow all employees to see what is going on in other departments and to know the impact they are having on their co-workers.

– Focus on quick wins.

When you implement change at your organization, it’s likely that you will hear a lot of grumblings.

And until your employees see it working, their attitudes aren’t likely to improve. You may be telling them that you care about their needs, but showing them will truly get them motivated.

– Outline each employee’s individual responsibilities and then measure progress.

You may assume your employees know exactly what their jobs require them to focus on, but in their day-to-day work lives that focus may get a little fuzzy.

Hold one-on-one meetings. Ask what a normal day looks like for them.

Help them to re-assess where their main focus should go, and figure out a way to measure their progress.

– Let your employees evaluate you. When your company’s numbers aren’t great, your first thought is to point the finger at employees.

What if you are a source of the problem? Perhaps there are things you’re doing that you think are helping employees when in reality they aren’t.

Create an evaluation form that your employees can fill out anonymously, which allows them to tell you a.) what you are doing that helps them, and b.) what you are doing that simply is a waste of time.

– Give employees what they need to excel at their jobs.

Maybe you have been withholding on making improvements within the company to save money during these tough times.

But what if you’re withholding those things your employees need to be more successful? If you aren’t giving them the equipment they need to be successful, then your efforts to save money are actually costing your company money.

From David Giannetto and Anthony Zecca, co-authors of ‘The Performance Power Grid: The Proven Method to Create and Sustain Superior Organizational Performance.’ For more information, visit performancepowergrid.com.


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