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Sanders: City Must Change ‘Destructive’ Spending Behavior

City of San Diego taxpayers won’t have to fret about a tax hike for the foreseeable future, but , with the exception of public safety , they can expect to see a cutback on city services.

It’s all part of Mayor Jerry Sanders’ five-year plan to turn around the city’s financial fortunes and buff its ailing image.

“We have been living paycheck to paycheck,” said Sanders in a Nov. 15 news conference at City Hall. “This destructive behavior must change with the next budget.”

Sanders said he would present a balanced budget in April 2007, but that sacrifices would have to be made. These will include both job cuts , including some 100 management positions , as well as a reduction in services.

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“We cannot pretend that we can keep providing the same level of services,” said Sanders, declining to detail what those cuts might be. But police, fire and lifeguard services will not be among them, he said, noting that public safety remains a priority of his administration.

Sanders also said that there would be no “fire sale” of city assets, although some sales and leases would be considered.

With an $87.4 million deficit looming in the general fund for fiscal year 2008, Sanders promised no quick fixes.

“This is a work in progress,” he said. “The problem is so big, the solutions won’t be easy. It will require sacrifice. The city has tried to be all things to all people, and we’re not doing well.”

The mayor’s office will be releasing Sanders’ five-year plan Nov. 15.

, Pat Broderick


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