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ResMed designs, manufactures and distributes medical equipment for treating and diagnosing sleep disordered breathing.


Total number of shares outstanding as of Jan. 19, 2000 14,900,000

Price of each share of common stock on Jan. 19, 2000 $45.875

Aggregate market value as of Jan. 19, 2000 $683,537,500.00

Performance Record

For year ended June 30, in thousands, except per-share data

1999 1998 1997

Net revenues $88,627 $66,519 $49,180

Net income (loss) $16,102 $10,611 $7,465

Net income (loss) per share $1.04 $0.71 $0.51

Total assets $89,889 $64,618 $54,895


Peter Farrell, 57, has been president and director since June 1989 and CEO since July 1990.

Christopher Roberts, 45, has been the executive vice president since August 1992. He has been a director since September 1992 and from August 1989 to November 1990.

Donagh McCarthy, 52, has been a director since November 1994. Since September 1996, he was president of RMS Inc., an affiliate of Baxter Healthcare.

Gary Pace, 51, has been director since July 1994. Since November 1994, he is the president and CEO of RTP Pharma Corp., a biopharmaceutical company.

Michael Quinn, 52, has been a director since September 1992 and a financial consultant since February 1992. He is also a director of Heggies Bulkhaul Ltd.

ResMed Inc.


Executive Compensation

Officers Cash Compensation

Peter Farrell, president and CEO $433,737

Christopher Roberts, executive vice president $219,395

Norman DeWitt, vice president of U.S. marketing $167,631

Walter Flicker, corporate secretary $123,726

Michael Hallett, vice president of new ventures $133,246

Significant Stock Ownership

Number of shares Percent

Sept. 9, 1999

William Blair & Co. LLC 1,726,000 11.60

Pilgrim Baxter and Associates, Ltd. 1,448,000 9.73

Peter Farrell 797,212 5.36

Directors and executive officers as a group (14 persons) 1,604,262 10.78

Other Information

Headquarters: 10121 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego 92131-1109; (858) 689-2400; fax (858) 622-2043; (www.resmed.com)

Auditors: KPMG LLP, San Diego

Information was compiled from the company’s annual and proxy reports.


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