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Rick Otis, District 8

Name: Rick Otis

Business: RPM Material Handling Co.

Address: 8530 Avenida Costa Norte, 92173

Employees: 60

Rick Otis, the president and chief executive officer of RPM Material Handling Co. in Otay Mesa and a past president of the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce, has some ideas about what’s wrong with San Diego.

The city needs to get a vision and the leadership to back it up, he said, so San Diegans can be proud to live in this city.

“The city has made so many dumb moves,” he said. “It’s criminal what’s happened. I love this city, and there is such a vacuum of leadership. It’s just disgusting.”

The city’s financial straits really worry him.

“It’s extremely relevant to get your hands around the unfunded liabilities currently in the city , deferred maintenance, infrastructure projects, sewer and water, road maintenance,” he said. “Unfortunately, maybe the new mayor will say we have to go bankrupt. That is a last resort, if we can’t trim the costs and increase revenues. Are they doing things for free that maybe they can charge for? You can’t take anything off the table right now.”

Otis also questions the wisdom of converting industrial land in Otay to residential, and he is especially concerned about relations south of the border, “how we can move goods and services to make business better on both sides of the border.”

He also works on the International Affairs Board, a city advisory board that “takes a look at our city and how we relate to other countries throughout the world we have the opportunity to do business with.”

The city should get down to business, said Otis.

“Running government is just as easy as running a business,” he said. “You have to make tough decisions, and not worry about getting elected. If you make good decisions, people will hire you again.”

, Pat Broderick


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