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Reo Carr to Join Business Journal In February

San Diego Daily Transcript

Editor in Chief Reo Carr is leaving his post to become the associate publisher of the

San Diego Business Journal.

Armon Mills, the president and publisher of the Business Journal, made the announcement Jan. 25.

“Reo has an extensive background in Business Journal publishing and tremendous experience with the Internet and online publishing,” Mills said. “He has made a very positive impact on the local business community and I feel we complement each other well with our individual publishing backgrounds. I’m very excited to have him join us as our new associate publisher.”

Carr, 57, who joined the Transcript in June 1999, announced his resignation Jan. 24. He is expected to join the Business Journal in February.

In his new position, advertising sales, events and special supplement departments will directly report to Carr, in addition to other management responsibilities and local community activities.

“I am delighted to be joining Armon Mills and his staff at the San Diego Business Journal and I look forward to continuing to serve the business needs and the information needs of the San Diego County business community through the pages of the Business Journal and its Web site,” Carr said.

During his stint with the Transcript, Carr moderated numerous events, as well as other community forums, earning a reputation as the public face of the newspaper. Before that, Carr served as editor and general manager of the

Fresno Business Journal

from 1994 to 1999.

Carr said he is especially excited to be working with Mills, with whom he’s been friends since meeting in the 1990s while Carr was with the Fresno paper and Mills was publisher of the

San Jose Business Journal.


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